Making history: listen to Supreme Court oral arguments on Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court has an excellent website with history and facts: here.

To go to a link to hear the Supreme Court recording listen: here.

(excerpt from) New York Times
Supreme Court Releases Recording of Voting Rights Argument

April 29, 2009

For the first time this term, the Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to release the audio recording of the justices presiding over arguments on the same day they heard a case.

The matter, Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District No. 1 v. Holder, No. 08-322, deals with a central part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It is widely considered the most important of the term.

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  1. […] states that in 1965 had a history of disenfranchising black voters. When Congress reauthorized the Voting Rights Act in 2006, they left the criteria for determining states included in Section 5 […]

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