78% of people in the know don’t like the NY State Senate

A NY State Senate update on Monday morning, June 22nd…

The Siena poll is: here.

Over at the Daily Politics blog, Elizabeth Benjamin posted a fascinating new Siena poll. It shows the favorable/unfavorable rating of characters and entities involved in NY State government. You can see how people feel about Hiram Monserrate, Pedro Espada, Dean Skelos and Tom Golisano. And, also people’s feelings about both the NY State Assembly and NY State Senate.

For the NY State Senate, the stats for all respondents were that 62% had an unfavorable opinion of the State Senate. Though, of people who knew about the recent coup, 78% had and unfavorable opinion of the State Senate.

Just hope people remember this when it comes to election time. The NY State Senate has an incredibly high rate of returning incumbents to office. We need fresh blood, alternative candidates and/or third parties to win.

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