Our monopoly government of Dems/Reps kicks Libertarians off the ballot…

from Ballot Access News
New York Libertarians Lose Ballot Status for Suffolk County Slate on a Technicality

October 6th, 2009

On October 6, a New York Superior Court in Suffolk County, New York, ruled that the lawsuit Kosin v Geier should be dismissed. This means that none of the Libertarian candidates for county office in that county will be on the November 3, 2009 ballot. The case was dismissed because the Libertarian Party plaintiffs failed to serve notice of the lawsuit on one of the people who had challenged the party’s petition.

As a result, the voters of Suffolk County will only have one candidate to vote for, in all the races for countywide executive positions. The five qualified parties of New York state all agreed to support all of the incumbents who are running for re-election, so all the races are one-candidate elections.

Note about the challenge: While the challenge benefited both major parties, and candidates who were Republicans and Democrats, the challenges to the Libertarian petitions were made by Democratic Party Committee Member Rosemary Marchlowska, as noted at a Libertarian website: here.

Note about the Libertarian response: A flier circulated by Libertarian candidate Chris Garvey suggests that Suffolk County voters write-in the following names for office:

For Suffolk County Treasurer: Audrey Capozzi

For Suffolk County District Attorney: Christopher Garvey

For Suffolk County Sheriff: Steven Kosin


Kimberly notes: If you only have one, major party candidate to choose from, how could you play their game and pull the lever for them? So, you have to write someone in! Please consider writing in one or more of the Libertarians above.

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  2. Wow, remember that […] Kosin? What were his credentials again? Oh, that’s right, he sliced meat at a deli. [Edited for language]

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