Got a minute? A Halloween Haiku

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Our monopoly government of Dems/Reps kicks Libertarians off the ballot…

from Ballot Access News New York Libertarians Lose Ballot Status for Suffolk County Slate on a Technicality October 6th, 2009 On October 6, a New York Superior Court in Suffolk County, New York, ruled that the lawsuit Kosin v Geier should be dismissed. This means that none of the Libertarian candidates for county office in […]

2009 Suffolk County Elections

September 2010 Update: 2010 primary election results for Suffolk County: here. Link to 2009 General Election Results at Suffolk BOE: here. ________ Kimberly says: There is so little exciting or worthwhile in the Suffolk County elections this year. The only thing that interests me is making a small gesture of disapproval to the Democrats and […]