NY State Senate votes to expel Monserrate (after assault conviction)

There are two places to find excellent coverage of the NY State Senate situation. One is at Elizabeth Benjamin’s political blog at the Daily News. (Great blogging, though you have to register to be able to comment.) Benjamin points out, that this was “the first time a sitting lawmaker was ousted from his seat in Albany by his colleagues since 1861.”

The Times Union is an Albany paper that has a blog devoted to NY politics. It is great that you do not have to register to comment (but they do review comments before posting.) They have video of some of the speeches on the Monserrate debate. Also, the news that the Governor has already called a special election in that district in Queens for Tuesday, March 16th.

Here’s the basic info from The Albany Times Union, Capitol Confidential Blog:

Monserrate expelled
February 9, 2010 at 9:57 pm by Rick Karlin

Sen. Eric Schneiderman, who chaired the special committee to consider whether Hiram Monserrate should be expelled from the Senate is first up with a statement following the Senate’s vote a few minutes ago to immediately expel Monserrate. The vote was 53-8…

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