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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook on Amazon

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

    Reflections on Occupy Wall Street, with photos, fun, and good wishes for the future. eBook, Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? (Only $.99 !) In the eBook, the Occupy movement is explored through original reporting, photographs, cartoons, poetry, essays, and reviews.The collection of essays and blog posts records the unfolding of Occupy into the culture from September 2011 to the present.  Authors Kimberly Wilder and Ian Wilder were early supporters of Occupy, using their internet platforms to communicate the changes being created by the American Autumn.

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Welcome to Boog City 9/24 – 9/28/10 Lineup

Highway 61 Revisited Again!

Highway 61 Revisited Again!

A little over a month from now, from Fri., Sept. 24 through Tues. Sept. 28, we’ll be putting on the fourth annual Welcome to Boog City poetry and music festival. It will feature 43 poets and 17 musical acts over the five days.
Among the festival highlights are:

—our classic album live series presents it’s first ever album performed by just one act, Bob Dylan‘s Highway 61 Revisited by i feel tractor;

—our levy lives series devotes a night to Buffalo’s Satellite Telephone magazine;

—our 7th annual small, small press fair, with exhibits from a host of small presses, and readings by their authors;

—a discussion on site-specific poems; and

—poet David Shapiro reading and in conversation with poet Joanna Fuhrman.
The full schedule for the event is below this note, followed by performer bios and websites.

If you need any additional information you can reach me at 212-842-BOOG (2664) or editor@boogcity.com.

as ever,

4th Annual

Welcome to Boog City festival
5 Days of Poetry and Music

Friday Sept. 24, Sidewalk Café
94 Ave. A

Free with a two-drink minimum

7:00 p.m. Noelle Kocot
7:20 p.m. Pierre Joris
7:35 p.m. Maureen Thorson
7:55 p.m. Steve Cannon
8:00 p.m. Nicole Peyrafitte
8:20 p.m. Poetry Talk Talk-David Shapiro reading and
in conversation with Joanna Fuhrman

9:10 p.m. Anne Waldman and Ambrose Bye-poetry and music

9:50 p.m. Magnetic Island-music
10:50 p.m. i feel tractor performs, for its 45th anniversary, Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited
12:00 a.m. The Elastic No-No Band-music
Directions: F/V to 2nd Ave., L to 1st Ave.
Venue is at E.6th St.

Sat. Sept. 25, Unnameable Books
7th Annual Small, Small Press Fair

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.


Featuring readings from authors of the exhibiting presses

12:00 p.m. Fair begins

1:00 p.m. Fay Chiang, Bowery Books (ed. Marjorie Tesser)
1:10 p.m. Mark Horosky, Flying Guillotine Press (eds. Sommer Browning and Tony Mancus)
1:20 p.m. Abby Walthausen, Fractious Press (ed. Veronica Liu)
1:30 p.m. Jeffrey Jullich, Litmus Press/Aufgabe (ed. E. Tracy Grinnell)
1:40 p.m. Miriam Atkin, little scratch pad editions (ed. Douglas Manson)

1:50 p.m. Break

2:10 p.m. Matt Reeck, No, Dear magazine (ed. Alex Cuff)
2:20 p.m. Tom Orange-music
2:35 p.m. Dennis Leroy Kangalee, Savage Paw Press (ed. Kangalee)
2:45 p.m. David Mills, Straw Gate Books (ed. Phyllis Wat)

2:55 p.m. Break

3:15 p.m. Binary Marketing Show-music
3:45 p.m. Urayoán Noel
4:00 p.m. Peter Davis
4:20 p.m. Mel Nichols
4:40 p.m. John Godfrey
4:55 p.m. Jenn McCreary
5:20 p.m. Beat Radio-music
5:50 p.m. Ken Jacobs
6:10 p.m. Sommer Browning
6:30 p.m. Chris McCreary
6:50 p.m. Cathy Eisenhower
7:10 p.m. Rod Smith
7:35 p.m. Rorie Kelly-music
8:10 p.m. Lach-music
8:40 p.m. Douglas Rothschild

Directions: 2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza, C to Clinton-Washington avenues, Q to 7th Ave.
Venue is bet. Prospect Pl./St. Marks Ave.

Sun. Sept. 26, Unnameable Books
7th Annual Small, Small Press Fair, Day 2

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.


12:00 p.m. Dustin Williamson
12:15 p.m. Kevin Varrone
12:35 p.m. Brandon Holmquest
12:55 p.m. Pattie McCarthy
1:20 p.m. Brian Speaker-music
1:50 p.m. Ivy Johnson
2:05 p.m. Carlos Soto Román
2:25 p.m. erica kaufman
2:40 p.m. Shafer Hall

2:55 p.m.-3:15-break

3:15 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

You Are Here: On the Site-Specific Poem
curated and hosted by Pattie McCarthy and Kevin Varrone

With panelists Allison Cobb, CA Conrad, Marcella Durand,
Tonya Foster, and Carlos Soto Roman

Directions: 2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza, C to Clinton-Washington avenues, Q to 7th Ave.

Venue is bet. Prospect Pl./St. Marks Ave.

Sun. Sept. 26, Zinc Bar

Zinc Bar
82 W. 3rd St.

$5 suggested

6:30 p.m.-8:45 p.m. You Are Here: Readings of Site-Specific Poems

curated and hosted by Pattie McCarthy and Kevin Varrone

With readings from Allison Cobb, CA Conrad,
Marcella Durand, and Carlos Soto Roman

Directions: A/B/C/D/E/F/V to W. 4th St.
Venue is bet. Sullivan and Thompson sts.

Mon. Sept. 27, Unnameable Books

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.


6:00 p.m. Chris Martin
6:15 p.m. Cate Peebles
6:30 p.m. Julian Brolaski
6:45 p.m. Farrah Field
7:05 p.m. J.J. Hayes-music

7:35 p.m. Break

7:45 p.m. Joe Elliot
8:00 p.m. E. Tracy Grinnell
8:15 p.m. Jared White
8:30 p.m. Mariana Ruiz Firmat
8:45 p.m. Laura Elrick
9:05 p.m. Jeremiah Birnbaum of The Ramblers-music

Directions: 2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza, C to Clinton-Washington avenues, Q to 7th Ave.
Venue is bet. Prospect Pl./St. Marks Ave.

Tues. Sept. 28, ACA Galleries, 6:00 p.m.

d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press

Satellite Telephone magazine

(Buffalo, N.Y.)

ACA Galleries
529 W.20th St., 5th Flr.


Event will be hosted by
Satellite Telephone editor

Robert Dewhurst

featuring readings from

Todd Colby
Dorothea Lasky
Eileen Myles
Rebekah Rutkoff

and music from

Franklin Bruno

There will be wine, cheese, and crackers, too.

Directions: C/E to 23rd St., 1/9 to 18th St.
Venue is bet. 10th and 11th avenues


**Welcome to Boog City 3 Bios and Websites**


**Ambrose Bye
Ambrose Bye, musician (piano/keyboard, guitar, voice) and composer, grew up in the environment of The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, counting Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs as “poetic” godfathers. He graduated from The University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in music/sociology and was certified at the music /production program at the Pyramind Institute in San Francisco, working on numerous productions and his own compositions as well. He also studied and played in gamelan orchestras in Bali, Indonesia, Boulder, and Santa Cruz. He has performed on stage a number of times, accompanying poets and performers at New York’s Issue Project Room, The Poetry Project, The Bowery Poetry Club, KGB Bar, at The Boulder Theatre’s “Music and Poetry for Progressives” headlined by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Naropa University, The New School, White Columns Gallery, and San Francisco’s Meridian Gallery. He is in production with his next CD, “Hombres”. His most recent CD is “Matching Half” with Anne Waldman and Akilah Oliver, which was produced by Farfalla, McMillen, Parrish. His previous composing/ production credits include “In The Room of Never Grieve”, (produced by Coffee House Press) and “The Eye of the Falcon” (Farfalla, McMillen, Parrish) with poetry by Anne Waldman. His music accompanies the video “The Wake- Up Call of a Poet” , produced by the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, the Netherlands and was broadcast over Dutch TV in December, 2009.

**Steve Cannon
Originally from the cultural hot bed of New Orleans, Steve Cannon developed a taste for the arts at a very young age. An institution himself, Professor Cannon has been active in the multicultural artistic community on the Lower East Side in New York City for almost four decades. As the executive director and founder of Tribes, he has been the central figure of the organization since its inception in 1991. He continues to pave its artistic direction, despite having lost his eyesight over a decade ago, an unfortunate occurrence that has only served to sharpen his vision and heighten his desire to advance the development of the arts. A retired professor of the humanities at Medgar Evers College in the CUNY system and the author of the underground classic Groove, Bang and Jive Around, he is closely connected to artists and educators throughout the city. In the early ’60s, he was heavily involved in Umbra, a consortium of primary African-American artists of all disciplines, including such literary luminaries as Ishmael Reed, Calvin Hernton, Victor Hernandez, and David Henderson.

Since then, Umbra artists served as founding members and advisors to Tribes. Besides holding court at Tribes, Professor Cannon also serves as the “Official Heckler” at the neighboring Nuyorican Poets Cafe, a brother organization, as well as an advisor to The House of Tribes Theater, a sister organization. In recent years, he extended his influence across the Atlantic with collaborations with Spanish curator Mireia Sentis. Together, they curated Humor and Rage, an exhibition featuring five minority American artists from diverse ethnic backgrounds, which was exhibited in 2001 at La Pedrera, the historical building designed by Gaudi, in Barcelona.

**Elastic No-No Band
Elastic No-No Band sings songs about manboobs and Klaus Kinski and cheese fries. Also, songs about love and sex and pain and stuff. Sometimes the band is made up of many people, and sometimes it’s just one guy. That guy is Justin Remer, and he turns 30 on September 24, the day of this show. As a birthday present, you should come to this show and enjoy yourself. (If you want, you could buy one of our CDs too. That certainly wouldn’t hurt.) [ed’s. note: you could also buy Justin an adult beverage.]

**Joanna Fuhrman
Joanna Fuhrman is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Pageant (Alice James Books) and Moraine (Hanging Loose Press). She teaches poetry at Rutgers University and in public schools through Teachers & Writers Collaborative. She is the poetry editor for Boog City and the Poetry Project’s Wednesday night reading series curator for the 2010-2011 season.

**i feel tractor
i feel tractor is a 5-piece band that has been around for over a decade, released a self-titled 7″, appeared on numerous comps including Frequency – Issue One, Polyamory’s new skin for the old ceremony, and Goodbye Better’s Weird Terrain, and came out with its first full-length, Once I had an earthquake (Goodbye Better) in 2005. Its newest album, Mellow Crypt, should be appearing sometime in the near future.

**Pierre Joris
Pierre Joris is a poet, translator, essayist, and anthologist who left Luxembourg at 19 and has since lived in France, England, Algeria, and the United States. He has published over 40 books, most recently Canto Diurno #4: The Tang Extending from the Blade, an Ahadada e-book, Justifying the Margins: Essays 1990-2006, and Aljibar I & II (poems). Other recent publications include the CD Routes, not Roots and Meditations on the Stations of Mansour Al-Hallaj 1-21. Recent translations include Paul Celan: Selections and Lightduress by Paul Celan, which received the 2005 PEN Poetry Translation Award. With Jerome Rothenberg he edited the award-winning anthologies Poems for the Millennium (volumes I & II). He teaches at the University of Albany, SUNY.

**Noelle Kocot
Noelle Kocot is the author of four books, most recently, Poem for the End of Time and Sunny Wednesday (both from Wave Books). She has a poetry book, The Bigger World, and a discography also forthcoming from Wave. She writes at least one poem a day, and sometimes over 10 poems a day. She has won awards from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Fund for Poetry, The American Poetry Review, and the Academy of American Poets. Originally from Brooklyn, she now lives in South Jersey.

**Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island is a musical collective helmed by Lisa Liu and SMV. The pair work with a rotating cast of collaborators to create a unique brand of experimental indie rock. The band has been releasing singles in anticipation of its debut EP, Out At Sea, due this September. Liu and SMV previously formed the core of RENMINBI, a trio founded in 2003 that released three EPs (most recently July 2009’s Surface) and one full-length album (May 2008’s The Phoenix).

**Nicole Peyrafitte
Nicole Peyrafitte is a performance artist born and raised in the French Pyrenees. She considers herself a Gasco-Rican (1/2 Gascon, 1/2 American) and citizen of Brooklyn. She pursues related multi-cultural and multi-media investigations that integrate her voice, texts, visuals, and also cooking.

**David Shapiro
David Shapiro has published more than 20 volumes of art and literary criticism, translations, and
anthologies. He has won many prizes and was the first to write a book on John Ashbery and a monograph on Jasper Johns’s drawings. His New and Selected Poems (1965–2006) came out from Overlook Press.

**Maureen Thorson
Maureen Thorson is the author of three chapbooks: Twenty Questions for the Drunken Sailor (dusie/flynpyntar press), Mayport (Poetry Society of America), and Novelty Act (Ugly Duckling Presse). Her poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Lungfull!, Barrelhouse, and Hotel Amerika. She lives in Washington, D.C., where she co-curates the In Your Ear reading series at the D.C. Arts Center and runs Big Game Books, the tiniest press in the world.

**Anne Waldman
“She is the fastest, wittiest woman to run with the wolves in some time.”
-Ken Tucker, The New York Times
Poet Anne Waldman has been an active member of the “Outrider” experimental poetry community for over 40 years as writer, sprechstimme performer, professor, editor, magpie scholar, infra-structure, and cultural/political activist. Her published work is prodigious, and she has concentrated on the long poem as a cultural intervention with such projects as Marriage: A Sentence, Structure of The World Compared to a Bubble; the recent Manatee/Humanity (Penguin Poets), which is a book-length rhizomic meditation on evolution and endangered species; and the 900-page Iovis Trilogy, Colors In The Mechanism of Concealment, which will be published by Coffee House Press in 2011.

Publishers Weekly recently referred to Anne Waldman as “A counter-cultural giant.” Waldman, grew up on Macdougal Street in the heart of Greenwich Village where she still lives, and bi-furcated to Boulder, Colo. in 1974 when she co-founded The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics with Allen Ginsberg at Naropa University, the first Buddhist inspired school in the West, where she currently serves as artistic director of its celebrated Summer Writing program.
Waldman helped found and direct The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery, where she worked first as assistant director and then director for a decade.
Waldman has also collaborated extensively with a number of artists, musicians, and dancers, most recently artists Pat Steir and Kiki Smith and theater director Judith Malina. She has also been working most recently with other media, including film and video with her husband, writer and video/film director Ed Bowes. She also performs with her son, musician/composer Ambrose Bye. Their latest CD is “Matching Half” with Akilah Oliver.
Some of her performances may be viewed on YouTube.


**Miriam Atkin, little scratch pad press
little scratch pad press publishes significant chapbooks by new and established poets and writers. Founded in 1996, it has published works by Aaron Lowinger, Kristi Meal, Jonathan Skinner and Michael Basinski. Forthcoming titles are Don’t Have One by Miriam Atkin, and a set of meditations on painter Chaim Soutine, Excoriate Exhale, by Heller Levinson.
Miriam Atkin’s recent study of the resurgence of the pastoral in visual art,Art and Artifice in the Garden: Species-Being and the Memory of Paradise, examines the critique of technology and industry in literature, painting, and film, beginning with the Lascaux petroglyphs and concluding with New Landscape photography. She holds an MFA in Art Criticism and Writing from the School of Visual Arts and lives in Brooklyn. Her first collection of writing, Don’t Have One, is out from little scratch pad press.
**Beat Radio
Beat Radio is an American indie pop project guided by New York singer-songwriter Brian Sendrowitz. The current lineup also features Dan Bills, Brian Ver Straten, Evan Duby, and Mike McCabe. Beat Radio released their debut LP The Great Big Sea in 2007 and the follow up, Safe Inside the Sound, in fall 2009. The band has embarked on a singles series for 2010, releasing two songs each month via bandcamp. Gilbert Ng photo
**Binary Marketing Show
Abram Morphew set out for the wilderness of the Birkhead Mountains in search of seclusion, and a place to let his thoughts wonder in peace. He was delighted to discover tunnels, previously only known to the elders of Birkhead, leading to a magical city where he would happen upon a fellow survivor of the elements…
Bethany Carder, awaking from a hypnotic state induced by a small band of mystics, discovered Abram Morphew wondering the ancient underground tunnels beneath the mystical city. Carder was fascinated by Morphew’s ideas of healing through experimentation with light, sound, energy, and the power of intent. Emotional turmoil, once so powerful, released through instruments and moving images. They continued forward, energetic pullies attached to cages covered in flesh, time travelers in moments of here connection, near connections, missing the point only to find it resides within and without you. This is the story of the binary marketing show
Their new EP “Clues from the Past” was released last month, and their tour kicked off in Philadelphia, taking them as far west as East Glacier, Mont.
**Sommer Browning
Sommer Browning writes poems, draws comics, and makes books. Her latest chapbook, written with Brandon Shimoda, is The Bowling (Greying Ghost). She lives in the Mountain Time Zone.
**Fay Chiang, Bowery Books
Bowery Books is the independent poetry press of Bowery Arts & Science, the non-profit that also provides programs for Bowery Poetry Club. Its mission is to reflect the vigor and diversity of poetry, to publish poetry books and recordings by exceptional established and emerging poets whose work might otherwise lack representation, and to expand the audience for poetry. Edited by Bob Holman and Marjorie Tesser, Bowery Books has published essential anthologies, such as Bowery Women: Poems and Estamos Aquí, Poems by Migrant Farmworkers, as well as works by unique poets like Taylor Mead, the octogenarian Andy Warhol intimate, Poez, a performing street poet, and a romp featuring the Bowery Bartenders. It sponsors the Bowery Voices series, thus far: Body of Water by surrealist poet Janet Hamill, with photographs by Patti Smith, The Touch by punk medievalist Cynthia Kraman, and most recently activist-artist-poet Fay Chiang’s 7 Continents 9 Lives.
Fay Chiang is a writer, artist, and community/cultural activist living and working in Chinatown and the Lower East Side of New York City for the past four decades. Raised in the backroom of a Queens laundry by immigrant parents from Guandong, China, she writes from her experiences as a woman of color from the working class. She believes culture is a psychological weapon to reclaim our past, define our present, and envision possibilities for our future; and that the development of culture is an integral part of progressive social change and social justice movements. Currently working at Project Reach, a youth and community center for young people at risk in Chinatown/Lower East Side, she lives in the East Village.
**Peter Davis
Peter Davis is the author of Hitler’s Mustache and Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!. He edited Poet’s Bookshelf: Contemporary Poets on Books that Shaped Their Art. His poems have been in journals like Jacket, No Tell Motel, and Court Green. More info, including about his music project, Short Hand, is available at artisnecessary.com.
**Cathy Eisenhower
Cathy Eisenhower is the author of Language of the Dog-head [chapbook](Phylum Press), clearing without reversal (Edge), and would with and (Roof).
**John Godfrey
John Godfrey has lived in the East Village since the Sixties. He has been a fellow of the General Electric Foundation and of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Wave Books published his ninth collection, City of Corners. He is a registered nurse in a specialty clinic at a city hospital in East Flatbush.
**Mark Horosky, Flying Guillotine Press
In 2008, Tony Mancus and Sommer Browning, two friends from poetry school, started Flying Guillotine Press. They endeavor to make pretty, small, handbound, medulla oblongata-exploding poetry chapbooks cheaply. They work in Denver, Colorado and Arlington, Virginia.
Mark Horosky is the author of the chapbook collection of prose poems, Let It Be Nearby and the forthcoming chapbooks More Frisk Than Risk (Flying Guillotine Press) and Fabulous Beasts (The Equalizer). He is a special education teacher in Brooklyn, New York.
**Ken Jacobs
Ken Jacobs’s pamphlet Sooner (Phylum Press) was released in December 2009. He lives in Washington, D.C.
**Jeffrey Jullich, Litmus Press
Jeffrey Jullich is the author of Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis (Litmus Press) and Thine Instead Thank (Harry Tankoos Books). His poetry, criticism, and translations have appeared in numerous journals and magazines including American Letters & Commentary, Aufgabe, Boston Review, Chain, Ecopoetics, Fence, LUNGFULL!, New American Writing, Poetry, Rain Taxi, Shiny, Spoon River, and VeRT.
Litmus Press is a nonprofit literature and arts organization dedicated to supporting innovative, cross-genre writing, with an emphasis on poetry and international works in translation. Litmus press publishes two to three single author works a year, in addition to Aufgabe, an annual journal of poetry, translations, essays, reviews, and art.
**Dennis Leroy Kangalee, Nomad Junkie
Known as the Nomad Junkie due to his peripatetic lifestyle and artistic restlessness, Dennis Leroy Kangalee is an N.Y.C.-based writer from Queens born to West Indian parents. An outsider artist from the get go, he has no degree and has won no awards. His stories, plays, essays, and satire reflect his own anger and frustration as he sees the world’s injustice in an everyday observation. An expelled performing artist from Juilliard and maverick of the New York underground, Kangalee has led several lives and is constantly looking for meaning. Since 1997, he has begged, borrowed, and stolen to support his art.
Urged by the Last Poets to continue writing prose during the creation of his 2001 cult-film movie about racism and its consequences, As an Act of Protest, Kangalee’s writing is political and personal. Inspired by the Black Arts Movement, punk, and the Theater of the Absurd, Kangalee draws inspiration from his own life as opposed to Literary History or knowledge of the classics. Adopting the “Nomad Junkie” as his nom de plume while homeless and later in a self-imposed exile overseas, he writes for the little man caught in the snow and beneath the corporate avalanche, those who draw lines in the sand, the losers, the rebels, the tormented, and the romantic rovers hovering on the margins of the mainstream who dare to try to make sense of “Life in Society” and the doorway of 21st century-Brave New World ethos.
Currently, he is developing his first full-length spoken word album, My Dying City, an experimental radio drama that presents itself as a cubistic portrait of a spirit crushed under the weight of corporate-friendly gentrification.
Kangalee is married and lives in N.Y.C. Nina Fleck photo.
**Rorie Kelly
Rorie Kelly is a singer/songwriter and conquistadora originally from Long Island. Her main goal in life is to travel around in her little blue car and make music and art. She was recently named one of Long Island’s “Top 10 Indie Artists You’ve Never Heard of” by Long Island Pulse Magazine and is about to release her first full length album, Wish Upon a Bottlecap. She is also a published writer of feminist blogs, music reviews, and poetry. More information and pretty songs can be found at the above site.
As a songwriter Lach founded the Antifolk art and music movement, which is sited as a main inspiration by hundreds of performers today from Beck and Jeffrey Lewis to Hamell on Trial, The Moldy Peaches, and Regina Spektor in U.S.A. to the likes of Laura Marling and Emmy the Great in the U.K.
**Chris McCreary
Chris McCreary’s new book, Undone, was just published by Furniture Press. Along with Jenn McCreary, he co-edits ixnay press a small Philadelphia-based poetry press. He teaches English at a private high school outside of Philly.
**Jenn McCreary
Jenn McCreary is the author of :ab ovo:, published by Dusie Press in the spring of 2009. She is also the author of two chapbooks: errata stigmata (Potes & Poets Press), & four o’clock pocket chiming (Beautiful Swimmer Press); the e-chapbook:Maps & Legends: (Scantily Clad Press) & a doctrine of signatures (Singing Horse Press).
Her poetry has been published in magazines including ComboLungfull!Tool: A MagazinePOM2So To SpeakSous RatureTangent, & How2. She lives with her husband, the writer Chris McCreary, & their twin sons in Philadelphia, where she co-edits ixnay press with Chris, works for the Mural Arts Program, & serves on the board of the Philly Spells Writing Center.
**David Mills, Straw Gate Press
Founded by Phyllis Wat in 2005, Straw Gate Books publishes poetry and occasional related texts. They are particularly interested in works by women and non-polemical writing with an underlying social content. Straw Gate also features new authors and authors whose work is under-served.
Author David Mills has received Henry James, Cave Canem and Breadloaf fellowships, as well as New York Foundation of the Arts, Brio, and Hughes/Diop Awards. He also won the inaugural 2008 Pan African Literary Forum Poetry Prize and a Soros grant. David’s work has appeared in Callaloo, Rattapallax, The Pedestal, Hanging Loose Press, Aloud, and elsewhere. He has recorded his poetry on RCA Records and toured Europe performing his work with jazz bands. His book, The Dream Detective, is a 2010 publication of Straw Gate Books.
**Mel Nichols
Mel Nichols’ recent books are Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon (National Poetry Series finalist; Edge) and Bicycle Day (Slack Buddha 2008). Recent journal publications include Poetry, New Ohio Review, and The Brooklyn Rail.
**Urayoán Noel

Urayoán Noel was born in Puerto Rico, divides his time between the Bronx and upstate, and teaches English at SUNY-Albany. His creative and critical writings have recently appeared in Fence; Orbis (U.K.); Diasporic Avant-Gardes (Palgrave); and Malditos latinos, malditos sudacas. Poesía hispanoamericana made in USA (México, D.F., El billar de Lucrecia). His new book, Hi-density Politics, is forthcoming from BlazeVOX.

**Tom Orange
After eight years in the D.C. poetry scene and adjunct teaching there and a year in Nashville, Tom Orange moved back to his home town of Cleveland, where he is active in the local arts and music scenes. Recent work includes “Tremont Poetography,” a group poet-photographer book and exhibition at Doubting Thomas Gallery; solo and small group experimental music performances on alto sax, clarinet, guitar, banjo, and dulcimer at The Scarab Club (Detroit), Sp@ce 224 Gallery (Buffalo), Audio Visual Baptism (Cleveland), and the Post_Moot Convocation (Oxford, Ohio); and an excerpt from his chapbook American Dialectics (Slack Buddha) being reprinted in Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (edited by Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith for Northwestern University Press) due out this December. His music blog can be found at the above url.
**Matt Reeck, No, Dear magazine
Matt Reeck has published poetry and translations in magazines and chapbooks, including “Midwinter” by Fact-Simile Press. “Coyote Pursues,” his marionette theater collaboration with the visual artist Deborah Simon, was performed during St Ann’s Warehouse’s Labapalooza in June.
No, Dear is a hand-sewn print poetry publication featuring the work of New York City poets.
**Douglas Rothschild
DglsN.Rthsjchld has been walking & thinking for a long time. Occasionally he sits. Sometimes he writes these thoughts down. Many great poems have come to him in this manner. & you can read some of them in his book THEOGONY published last spring by SubPress.
**Rod Smith
Rod Smith is the author of Deed, Music or Honesty, Protective Immediacy, and In Memory of My Theories. He edits the journal Aerial, publishes Edge Books, and manages Bridge Street Books in Washington, D.C. He is also currently editing The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley with Kaplan Harris and Peter Baker for The University of California Press.
**Abby Walthausen, Fractious Press
Fractious Press is a small artist-run publishing collective founded in the Bronx and Washington Heights, New York in 2005. Since its first release, which was named in the Village Voice’s Best of New York 2005, the press has published emerging artists and writers of fiction, poetry, comics, and zines, and has occasionally co-hosted day-long zine and small press fairs in Upper Manhattan. The May 2010 edition of the fair was held with support from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund. ForeWord magazine called the press “innovative … a kind of counterculture collaborative.”
Abby Walthausen likes to write what could be considered the “historical fiction” of poetry. She spends her time taking all the fun out of poetry for high school students. Her poetry book The Internet is forthcoming from Fractious Press.

**Unnameable and Zinc

**Allison Cobb
Allison Cobb is the author of Born2 (Chax Press) about growing up in Los Alamos, N.M., and the just-published Green-Wood (Factory School), which chronicles her experiences in Brooklyn’s famous nineteenth-century cemetery. She lived for a number of years in New York City, where she worked for the Environmental Defense Fund. She now lives in Portland, Ore., and works for an energy conservation nonprofit.
CAConrad is the recipient of the 2009 Gil Ott Book Award for The Book of Frank (Wave Books). He is also the author of Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull Press), (Soma)tic Midge (Faux Press), Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull Press), and a collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock, The City Real & Imagined (Factory School). The son of white trash asphyxiation, his childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift.
**Marcella Durand
Futurepoem Books published Marcella Durand’s book-length site-specific poem, Traffic & Weather. The poem was written during a six-month residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in which she worked alongside visual artists in a raw office space. Her other books include, most recently, Deep Eco Pre, a collaboration with Tina Darragh published by Little Red Leaves, and AREA, published by Belladonna Books. She is currently working on a new collection of poems written mostly from the same table in the New York Public Library’s Leroy Street branch. John Sarsgard photo.
**Tonya Foster
Tonya Foster is the author of poetry, fiction, and essays that have been published in a variety of journals including Callaloo, DrumVoices, Gulf Coast, the Hat, Lungfull!, nocturnes, and Traffic. She was an art/poetry columnist for The Poetry Project Newsletter and has published non-fiction essays in NY Arts Magazine, NYFA Quarterly, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. Her work has also appeared in the anthologies: Free Radicals: American Poets before their First Books, (Subpress), edited by Jordan Davis and Sarah Manguso; and POeP! (Rattapallax Press), edited by Edwin Torres and Anselm Berrigan, one of the first eBook literary journals dedicated to innovative poetry. She’s the author of A Swarm of Bees in High Court (Belladonna Books) and co-editor of Third Mind: Teaching Creative Writing Through Visual Art (Teachers and Writers Collaborative). Foster is currently completing A Mathematics of Chaos, a cross-genre, multi-media piece about New Orleans, home, and home-buoys; Monkey Talk, an inter-genre piece about race, paranoia, surveillance, and need; and A History of the Bitch, a collection of poems.
Foster received her bachelor of arts in English and political science from Newcomb College, Tulane University, her master of fine arts in creative writing from the University of Houston, and is a Ph.D. candidate at City University of New York Graduate Center. A recipient of a number of fellowships, notably from the Ford Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, and the City University of New York, Foster teaches at Bard College. A native of New Orleans, she writes and resides in Harlem.

**Shafer Hall
Shafer Hall is a poet and bartender in New York City. His first collection “Never Cry Woof” is available from No Tell Books. He can be found on the internet at the above url.
**Brandon Holmquest
Brandon Holmquest is the author of City: Bolshevik superpoem in 5 cantos (Ugly Duckling), a translation of Manuel Maples Arce; Stereo Daguerreotype (Splitleaves Press); and The Sorrows of Young Worthless (Truck Press). He lives in Philadelphia.
**Ivy Johnson
Ivy Johnson is a vegetarian. Her Boog Reader Pamphlet Walt Disney’s Light Show Extravaganza will be out this fall.

**erica kaufman
erica kaufman is the author of censory impulse.
**Pattie McCarthy
Pattie McCarthy is the author of Table Alphabetical of Hard Words, Verso, and bk of (h)rs, all from Apogee Press. Recent work has appeared in Colorado Review, Dusie, Eoagh, ixnay reader, The Poker, The Poetry Project Newsletter, and The Tangent. She has taught literature and creative writing at Queens College—CUNY, Loyola University Maryland, Towson University, and, currently, Temple University. She lives in Philadelphia.
**Carlos Soto Román
Carlos Soto Román was born in Valparaíso, Chile. He has published the books La Marcha de los Quiltros (The Mongrel’s march), Haiku Minero (Miner Haiku), and Cambio y Fuera (Over and Out). His work has been collected in Bar (Anthology) and in Pozo (collective book). In 2004 he received the Creation Fellowship of the Book & Reading Council of the Chilean Government. He has resided in Philadelphia since March 2009, is a member of The New Philadelphia Poets, and the editor of the new cooperative anthology of U.S. poetry, Elective Affinities.
**Brian Speaker
Brian Speaker is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer and engineer. For one year, from September 3, 2008 to September 2, 2009, Brian wrote, recorded and posted a song onto the Internet every single day. The entire 365-song catalog, titled Spiral Notebook, is available for free online. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a rock opera about a lone spaceman’s mission for inner-galactic peace called The Mars Chronicles. Several of Brian’s songs have appeared on television, and his list of recording and production credits for independent music in NYC is vast.
**Kevin Varrone
Kevin Varrone’s most recent collection, g-point almanac: passyunk lost, is just out from Ugly Duckling Presse, as is a companion chapbook, The Philadelphia Improvements. His previous collection, g-point almanac: id est, was published by Instance Press. Individual poems are available electronically at Duration Press, in Big Bridge, Cross Connect, and [out of nowhere]. He lives in South Philly and teaches at Temple University.
**Dustin Williamson
Dustin Williamson is the author of the chapbooks Obstructed View (Salacious Banter), Gorilla Dust (Open 24 Hours), and Exhausted Grunts (Cannibal Books). He is the publisher of Rust Buckle Books. He served as the Monday Night coordinator last season at the Poetry Project.


**Jeremiah Birnbaum of The Ramblers
The Ramblers are a rock ’n’ roll band based out of New York. They released their new fan-funded CD, Getting There, to a packed house at Joe’s Pub and great reviews, including a Critic’s Pick from New York Magazine, and Blogcritics.org, who compared them to Little Feat, The Band and the E Street Band. With Jeremiah Birnbaum, proverbial son-of-a-preacherman (his dad’s a rabbi) and Scott Stein at the helm—sharing singing duties and writing the band’s material together—The Ramblers’ unique brand of Americana fused with the best of Southern rock has earned them a devoted following and the opportunity to open for Levon Helm at his Midnight Ramble, where they received an encore and a standing ovation.
**Julian Brolaski
Julian T. Brolaski is the recent editor of NO GENDER: Reflections on the Life & Work of kari edwards with erica kaufman and E. Tracy Grinnell (Litmus Press), and author of the chapbook buck in a corridor (flynpyntar), gowanus atropolis (forthcoming, Ugly Duckling) and Advice for Lovers (forthcoming, City Lights). Brolaski lives in Brooklyn where xe is an editor at Litmus Press, curates vaudeville shows, and plays country music with The Low & the Lonesome. New work is on the blog hermofwarsaw.
**Joe Elliot
Joe Elliot ran a weekly reading series at Biblios Bookstore in the early ’90s, and helped move the series to the Zinc Bar where it continues. He co-edited two chapbook series: A Musty Bone and Situations, which published authors such as Antje Katcher, Paul Genega, Duncan Nichols, Mitch Highfill, Kim Lyons, Douglas Rothschild, Shannon Ketch, Lisa Jarnot, Bill Luoma, Kevin Davies, Marcella Durand and many others. Joe is the author of numerous chapbooks including: You Gotta Go In It’s The Big Game, Poems To Be Centered On Much Much Larger Sheets Of Paper, 15 Clanking Radiators, 14 Knots, Reduced, Half Gross (a collaboration with artist John Koos), and Object Lesson (a collaboration with artist Rich O’Russa). Granary Books published If It Rained Here, a collaboration with artist Julie Harrison. His work has appeared in many magazines, including The World, The Poker, Giants Play Well In The Drizzle, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Torque, and Arras. His long poem, 101 Designs for The World Trade Center, was published by Faux Press’ e-mag, and a subpress published a collection of his work, Opposable Thumb, in 2006.
**Laura Elrick
Laura Elrick’s latest text-based work (as yet untitled) is a book-length series of poems that proceeds by accretive and migratory iteration; other works include a video-poem Stalk, a set of audio pieces for doubled-voice, and two books of poetry:Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School), and sKincerity (Krupskaya). Her essay “Poetry, Ecology, and the Production of Lived Space” was recently published in the the eco language reader edited by Brenda Iijima (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs/Nightboat Books). She lives in Brooklyn.
**Farrah Field
Farrah Field’s first book of poems, Rising, won Four Way Books’ 2007 Levis Prize. Her poems have appeared in many publications including Harp & Altar, We Are So Happy to Know Something, Ploughshares, and are forthcoming in Lit, Fou, and Mantis. She co-hosts a reading series called Yardmeter Editions and blogs at the above url.
**Mariana Ruiz Firmat
Mariana Ruiz Firmat is a poet and publisher of Three Sad Tigers Press. Recent work can be found in the March 2010 issue of the Brooklyn Rail. She is the author Another Strange Island (Open 24 Hours Press) and Smiling Into the Noise (Boog Literature). After riding her bicycle cross-country 11 years ago she landed in Brooklyn and has been there ever since. She currently works as union organizer. For more information about 3 sad tigers press please visit the website at: 3sadtigerspress.blogspot.com.
**E. Tracy Grinnell
E. Tracy Grinnell is the author of Helen: A Fugue (Belladonna Elder Series #1), Some Clear Souvenir (O Books), and Music or Forgetting (O Books), as well as the limited edition chapbooks Mirrorly, A Window (flynpyntar), Leukadia (Trafficker Press), Hell and Lower Evil (Lyre Lyre Pants on Fire), Humoresque (Blood Pudding/Dusie #3) Quadriga, a collaboration with Paul Foster Johnson (gong chapbooks), Of the Frame (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), and Harmonics(Melodeon Poetry Systems). She is the founding editor of Litmus Press and Aufgabe, and she lives in Brooklyn.
**J.J. Hayes
J.J. Hayes writes poetry, song and philosophy. He has been published occasionally. Steven Pinker in The Stuff of Thought quotes J.J’s 2004 letter “One World Scientific Language?” as an example of neo-Whorfian linguistic determinism. J.J. is thinking about how to respond, but wonders if his response will be determined by his language…
**Chris Martin
Chris Martin is the author of American Music (Copper Canyon). Coffee House Press will publish his second book of poetry, Becoming Weather, next year. After editing the full 11-issue run of Puppy Flowers, he recently retired it, though they can all still be seen on your computer. He lives around the corner.
**Cate Peebles
Cate Peebles’ work has appeared in numerous print and online journals including: Tin House, Octopus, CutBank, Cannibal, No Tell Motel, Forklift, Ohio, and La Petite Zine. Her chapbook Taco Truck to Awesometown was published by Scantily Clad Press last year. She co-edits Fou, an online poetry magazine, and lives in Brooklyn.
**Jared White
Jared White was born in Massachusetts and lives in New York. His chapbook Yellowcake was included in the hand-sewn anthology Narwhal from Cannibal Books. He has poems recently published or forthcoming in Action Yes, Coconut, Fulcrum, Laurel Review, and Modern Review, and essays in Harp & Altar, Open Letters Monthly, and Poets off Poetry. He co-directs the Yardmeter Editions event series in Brooklyn and blogs occasionally at the above url.


**Satellite Telephone
Satellite Telephone was founded in Portland, Ore. in 2007, on a contact-high from the mimeo retrospective, A Secret Location on the Lower East Side (Granary Books). Three editions have been issued since, as the publication has moved from Portland, to Los Angeles, to Buffalo. The vision of the zine will soon be manifest in a series of chapbooks and broadsides as well, to be published under the imprint Scary Topiary Press.
**Franklin Bruno
Franklin Bruno is a musician and writer based in Queens. He has recorded and toured as chief songwriter for the bands Nothing Painted Blue and (currently) The Human Hearts, and as a solo artist. His most recent release, Local Currency 1991-1998 (Fayettenam) collects four-track/lo-fi recordings from out-of-print vinyl seven-inches and compilations. He is a frequent collaborator with The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle, both as a multi-instrumentalist on the acclaimed 4AD albums The Sunset Tree and Tallahassee, and in the occasional duo The Extra Glens. He is the author of a book on Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces in Continuum’s 33 1/3 series, and of the poetry chapbook Policy Instrument (Lame House). His poetry has appeared in Satellite Telephone, The Brooklyn Rail, and Abraham Lincoln; his essays and criticism, in The Nation, Oxford American, and The Believer.
**Todd Colby
Todd Colby has published four books of poetry: Ripsnort, Cush, Riot in the Charm Factory: New and Selected Writings, and Tremble & Shine, all published by Soft Skull Press. Todd has performed his poetry on PBS and MTV, and his collaborative books and paintings with artist David Lantow can be seen in the Brooklyn Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art special collections libraries. Todd serves on the Board of Directors for The Poetry Project, where he has also taught several poetry workshops.
**Robert Dewhurst
Robert Dewhurst edits Satellite Telephone, and co-edits Wild Orchids. His poetry and critical prose have appeared in Satellite Telephone, Peaches & Bats, On Contemporary Practice, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. An essay of his on the 70s newspaper Gay Sunshine will appear in the volume Porn Archives, forthcoming from SUNY Press. He currently lives in Buffalo, NY, where he attends the Poetics Program at SUNY-Buffalo.
**Dorothea Lasky
Dorothea Lasky is the author of two full-length collections of poetry, AWE (Wave Books, 2007) and Black Life (Wave Books, 2010), and numerous chapbooks. Currently, she researches creativity and education at the University of Pennsylvania.
**Eileen Myles
Eileen Myles has written thousands of poems since she gave her first reading at CBGB’s in 1974. Her books include The Inferno, The Importance of Being Iceland, Sorry, Tree, Skies, on my way, Cool for You, School of Fish, Maxfield Parrish, Not Me, and Chelsea Girls. In 1995, with Liz Kotz, she edited The New Fuck You: Adventures in Lesbian Reading, for Semiotext(e).
**Rebekah Rutkoff
Rebekah Rutkoff is an artist, moving image curator and Ph.D. candidate in the English Department at the CUNY Graduate Center. She lives in Brooklyn.

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