Third Party primaries in Suffolk County, NY

Update: 2010 NY Governor Race

Look HERE for the certified list of major party and third party candidates for NY Governor and other statewide offices at the NY State Board of Elections.


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Update 9/14/2010 11:20am: Machines around state are messed up. Go early to vote! Story at Daily News: here.

For 2010 Suffolk County primary results, go to the Suffolk Board of Elections: here.

Kimberly writes:

Now I understand why there has been so little attention to third party primaries here in Suffolk County. There appear to be only a handful of third party races for Primary Day, Tuesday, September 14, 2010.

A link to the awaiting election results page at the Suffolk County Board of Elections shows voters of all parties what the primary races are. So, major party enrollees and third party enrollees can find the list of Towns and races where there is a vote tomorrow: here at the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

For a candidate list in the 2010 Nassau County primaries, go to the Nassau County BOE list: here.

If you are a New York voter in the following parties — Conservative Party, Independence Party, or Working Families Party — you can find your races at the link above, or spelled out below (taken from the page at the Suffolk Board of Elections).

A side note: I believe that somewhere in the rules of the Independence Party, their primaries are supposed to be open to all voters, though, it appears that that is not being implemented yet. So, as far as I understand, you can only vote in a primary tomorrow in New York, if you are enrolled in a specific party.

You can only “write-in” successfully in a primary if someone has petitioned for an “Opportunity to Ballot.” The Board of Elections results list I found does not report if there is an OTB in a race. I only listed the OTB for the races I know about.

Third Party primaries in Suffolk County,
New York for Tuesday, 9/14/2010:

Working Families Party

Member of Assembly, 10th Assembly District
(Only one candidate listed)
-John Capobianco
(There is an OTB/Opportunity to Ballot opened up. So, primary voters may write-in another candidate.)

Conservative Party

Governor (statewide)
-Rick Lazio
-Ralph Lorigo

Representative in Congress, 1st District
(only one candidate listed)
-Altschuler, Randy
Though: An “Opportunity to Ballot/OTB has been opened up in this First District Congressional Race. So, voters may write-in the names of other candidates. Zabby is running in this race as a write-in protest candidate. See story with list of some potential candidates at Independent Political Report: here.

Independence Party

District Court Judge, 5th District, Town of Islip  (Elect 1)
-Robert Curran
-Philip Goglas

Member of County Committee, East Hampton ED# 12  (Elect 2)
-Pamela Bogardt
-Thomas Morris
-Vicki Littman
-Anthony Littman

-end 2010 third party primary races for Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

Parties in New York with NO PRIMARY for 2010:

Note: Parties in New York State without automatic ballot status are called “independent bodies” and do not hold primaries. There are a list of candidates (if they are statewide, or had to file at the state because they cross county lines) running with these parties at the NYS Board of Elections: here. Some of those parties who have petitioned to run candidates this year, but have no primaries (because the election law does not allow them to have primaries at this time) are: The Anti-Prohibition Party, The Freedom Party, The Green Party, The Libertarian Party, The Rent is Too Damned High Party, The Taxpayers Party, The Tea Party, The Black/White Party (running a Senate candidate), The Constitution Party, The Tax Revolt Party, The Right To Life Party, The Jobs Now Party, The Socialist Worker Party, The Fix Albany Party, The Change Albany Party, The Reform Party, The School Choice Party, The Had Enough Party, and The Vote People Change Party. If you are in one of the above listed parties, you do not have a primary for September, 2010.

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