NY third party news: Procedural victory concerning vote-counting

from Ballot Access News Procedural Victory in New York Vote-Counting Case May 12th, 2011 On May 10, U.S. District Court Judge Jed Rakoff issued an 18-page opinion in Conservative Party v Walsh, southern district, 10 cv-6923. This is the lawsuit in which the Conservative Party of New York, the Working Families Party of New York, […]

Want real change?: Third party options in the November 2010 Elections

Where to find third party, independent, and even write-in choices for the 2010 Elections:     For all US voters – A website which lists all statewide, Senate, and House of Reps candidates organized by state: Politics1.com For all US voters – A website with other voter information, including a searchable database: VoteSmart.org For all […]

Third Party primaries in Suffolk County, NY

Update: 2010 NY Governor Race Look HERE for the certified list of major party and third party candidates for NY Governor and other statewide offices at the NY State Board of Elections. _____________________ Previous Material on Primary: Update 9/14/2010 11:20am: Machines around state are messed up. Go early to vote! Story at Daily News: here. […]

Thoughts and predictions on: Right to Life Party and Conservative Party in NY

In New York State, the Conservative Party is currently an automatic ballot status party, a third party on par with the major parties. The Right-to-Life Party in the state is an independent political body without automatic ballot status. There are various strands in the Conservative Party in New York, and some people have used that […]

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin defeated in NY-23

Kimberly says…Okay, so the “winner” was a plain old Democrat candidate. And, my co-blogger doesn’t even think this belongs on our blog. Though, some of the way the battle fell out was just so delicious… (excerpt from) San Francisco Chronicle NY 23 election results – Bill Owens beats Doug Hoffman, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh […]

Suffolk County Conservative Party Wins Lawsuit Against “Raiders”

from Ballot Access News Suffolk County Conservative Party Wins Lawsuit Against Raiders September 23rd, 2009 On September 18, the New York Supreme Court, Suffolk County, won its lawsuit to expel a mass entry into the party by members of four organizations that represent Long Island police, especially the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association. New York […]

Who will run for Governor in New York State?

The Governor’s race for New York State is in 2010. Who will run against present, Democratic Party Governor David Paterson? (And, for that matter, is there any chance that Paterson will not run? Or, be primaried? Paterson did come by the position in an interesting manner.) In New York, the Governor’s race is the only […]

NY 2008 Presidential Election Ballot with FAQ

2012 Prez Update: 2012 Presidential Candidates(in New York) for 2012 are listed and discussed at our new post: here The ballot will not be set in New York State for the November 2012 general elections until: October 2nd. _________________________________________ 2010 Update: NY Governor Race 2010 Certified ballot for 2010 New York Governor race is at […]