Shinnecock’s receive federal recognition!

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/Southampton Press

Shinnecocks get final word, become 565th recognized tribe
By Brendan O’Reilly / Oct 1, 10 4:59 PM

The Shinnecock Indian Nation received word Friday afternoon from its tribal attorneys that it is now officially the 565th Native American tribe to earn recognition from the U.S. government, according to Shinnecock Tribal Trustee Lance Gumbs…

The Interior Board of Indian Appeals, or IBIA, on Friday dismissed two objections to granting the Shinnecocks federal recognition, removing the last remaining obstacles in what became a process for the tribe that covered more than 32 years.

“The first day of October will live forever in the hearts and minds of the Shinnecock people,” Mr. Gumbs said in an phone interview Friday…

The application was stalled over two objections, one filed by a gaming group, The Connecticut Coalition for Gaming Jobs, and the other filed by members of the Montaukett Tribe, a splinter group of the Montauk Indian Nation, who wanted to be included in the Shinnecock application…

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