NY State Elections 2010: Ballot info posted at NYS BOE website

Update: You can see the NYS ballot pdf at Ballot Access News: here.

New York voters can see the candidates and parties who made the NY State election ballot for Tuesday, November 2, 2010: here. (link is finnicky as of 10/26)

The certification for the ballot for the statewide elections in New York for November 2nd has been posted at the New York State Board of Elections website. At the website, you can see every candidate for a statewide office who is running on a major party line, third party line, or with an independent body.

Governor/Lt. Governor Candidates:

Democrat:    Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy
Republican:    Carl Paladino and Gregory Edwards
Independence:    Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy
Conservative:    Carl Paladino and Robert Duffy
Working Families Party:    Andrew Cuomo and Robert Duffy
Green Party:    Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera
Rent is Too Damn High Party:     Jimmy McMillan
Libertarian Party:    Warren Redlich and Alden Link
Anti-Prohibition Party:    Kristin Davis and Tanya Gendelman
Freedom Party:    Charles Barron and Eva M Doyle
Taxpayers Party:     Carl Paladino

(Note that petitions were filed by Steve Cohn for a “Tea Party” ballot line, but neither that candidate nor that party name made it onto the ballot for NY Governor.)


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