Metroland: If a Third-Party Candidate Says Something in the Forest . . .

Looking at the campaign platforms of Andrew Cuomo (D) and Carl Paladino (R), it may seem that implementing spending cuts and hiring freezes and withholding grant money are the only options available to close the state’s yawning budget gap.

Nearly every candidate running for governor has put forth their version of an “austerity plan,” emphasizing statewide belt-tightening and massive reductions to social services.

Enter Howie Hawkins, Green Party gubernatorial candidate, longtime political organizer and perennial political hopeful .Hawkins says he has a “prosperity plan” to reinvigorate the state’s economy. According to Hawkins, this plan would serve to even the playing field between economic classes, resolve the state budget crisis, promote ecological sustainability and create jobs for hundreds of thousands of unemployed New Yorkers. He believes that many of the issues important to progressive voters today—civil rights, ecological sustainability, improved social services and government oversight of big business practices—have long been paid insincere lip service by leaders of the Democratic Party, especially here in New York. With liberal votes in their “back pockets,” contends Hawkins, these politicians have gone on to make decisions based purely on the influence of corporate interests.

via Metroland Online – Feature.

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  1. Paladino’s meltdown should make more Democrats comfortable with voting third party this time.

    • And that Paladino and Cuomo have the same conservative economic plan. Not to mention that 1/3 of NY voters belong to a party other than the Dems and Reps. come to think of Pladino’s meltdown might wanna make Reps vote Green. Remember Row F

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