Hawkins: Volunteer Calls, fundraise, naked butts Halloween

Dear Green Supporters:

Please help build support for the Green Party in the remaining ten days before the November 2nd Election.

1. Help Call Enrolled Greens

Every Green, or Green-friendly person who reads this is asked to take at least 200 phone numbers of Green registrants throughout NYS, and call them before TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, Election Day, to vote for Howie Hawkins for Governor and Gloria Mattera for Lieutenant Governor,  and Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for US Senate. That number would mean you would average about 20 calls per day.

Please contact Michael Emperor at BrooklynEmperor@yahoo.com, or 347-403-0892. He can give you phone numbers to call, and a draft script.  Please also consider taking off election day to help with Get Out the Vote.

2. Help Raise Funds for Howie Hawkins


Can you donate $10 on Friday October 22nd to help Howie Hawkins, NY Green Party candidate for Governor, reach voters with his message of a Green New Deal?   http://howiehawkins.com/2010/donate.html

Howie Hawkins is calling for a Green New Deal for New York State. His message: by taxing Wall Street and the super-rich and creating a state bank, we can fix the budget gap and invest in creating well-paying green jobs for all New Yorkers who need them.


say no to fracking

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Like all Green candidates, Howie Hawkins supports single-payer health care, fully funded education, a living wage, marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, and a ban on hydrofracking. He is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to fix NY State government, including proportional representation, instant runoff voting, and public campaign financing.  http://howiehawkins.com/2010/donate.html

Howie Hawkins needs 50,000 votes for Governor for the Green Party to win a ballot line in New York for the next 4 years. That will make it much easier for the Green Party to run candidates for local office and state legislature where Greens can win and turn our values into public policy.

Every single vote for Howie Hawkins builds momentum for the Green movement, a people-powered grassroots movement for peace, social justice, grassroots democracy, ecology, and politics that puts people before profits.

Watch this video for just a sample of the message we want to share with thousands of New Yorkers:  http://howiehawkins.com/2010/video/308-where-are-the-f-ing-jobs.html

Please donate $10 (or more if you can) and spread the word by inviting your friends to the Howie Hawkins Money Bloom!  http://howiehawkins.com/2010/donate.html

3. Hand out Literature

There are leaflets you can download from howiehawkins.org. or contact ursula.rozum@gmail.com (upstate) or michael@gpbk.org downstate. Or contact our office in Syracuse at 315 474-7055. Hand it out in your neighborhood, at events, subway stops, music festivals, etc.

4. Watch the latest Hawkins videos

We have new videos up at www.howiehawkins.org website, including footage of Ralph Nader and Howie Hawkins in Albany.


Single Payer healthcare Now! Oct 13 010

Image by codepinkhq via Flickr


5. Naked-Butt Volunteers Need for the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

The Greens plan to march in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade which attracts hundreds of thousands of people.  We want to march in costumes that highlight our issues, along with carrying Hawkins and Green signs and banners. One set of costumers involving putting on a naked butt prop along with hospital gowns to highlight the single payer issue. I would also love a Polar Bear against climate change. The campaign would help pay to rent a polar bear costume if need be.

6.  Media Coverage of the First Debate

I am reminded of the scene in the first Rocky movie, where the trainer for Apollo Creed leans over his battered fighter and yells at him, stop clowning around, this guy don’t know it is a circus, he thinks he is fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world.



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Unfortunately, most of the media aren’t Rocky – or debate – fans.

Most of the audience and the callers to shows like NY1 in NYC felt that Howie won the debate by being the most substantive, along with positive remarks for the performances by Mssrs. Barron and Redlich. Cuomo was too busy running out the clock to provide any substance and Paladino was just out of his league.

The mainstream media however treated it like an audition for American Idol. They didn’t want substance from the “third party candidates”, they wanted one liners and outrageous antics, so they made Jimmy the Rent is Too Damn High the “star” even though he clearly has no idea about running New York State.

But the comments are the blogs have been very supportive of Howie’s performance and we need to keep posting about the campaign.

Cuomo continues to duck debates and reporters, instead focusing on raising huge amount of money so he can run his entire campaign through media ads. Howie is telling the press that he wants to put Cuomo’s face on a milk cartoon so the public can help find him.

7. Where in the state is Howie Hawkins?

There is a calendar link on the home page at www.howiehawkins.org. Friday night he is a debate outside of Rochester in Henrietta. Saturday he is at Moon and River Cafe in Schenectady at 3 PM and at the Rockhill Cafe in Glens Falls at 6 PM.. Monday he is back in Syracuse for a debate on hydrofracking for natural gas.

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  2. […] Hawkins: Volunteer Calls, fundraise, naked butts Halloween (www.onthewilderside.com) […]

  3. […] Hawkins: Volunteer Calls, fundraise, naked butts Halloween (www.onthewilderside.com) […]

  4. […] Hawkins: Volunteer Calls, fundraise, naked butts Halloween (www.onthewilderside.com) […]

  5. […] Hawkins: Volunteer Calls, fundraise, naked butts Halloween (www.onthewilderside.com) […]

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