TSA security guard pats down crying 3-year-old girl

New incident: Video of a young boy, shirt off, being patted down by TSA. Video: here.

Another incident: Young child whose pacifier set alarm off, taken out of mom’s view for screening. Story: here.


Story about three-year old

I don’t know who is worse, this young girl, or her parents for getting sucked into being part of the oppression:


Please watch this video. (The web-site is having to keep up with making sure it stays posted.) In the version up now, there is the news desk banter and expert talk. One of the experts is saying insane things about how the security people should make this a game for children. (Great strategy. Then, child molesters can use the same strategy later, and the kids will be prepped. Brilliant strategy…)

If this scenario of the mom holding the child, while she cried, and another adult patted her down, had happened at a day care or school, Social Services would probably investigate the security guard and/or the parents.

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