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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook on Amazon

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

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Obama’s Militarization of Rights: DADT & the DREAM Act

Chinese Military, Beijing, China (4)

Image by Luther Bailey via Flickr

Am I the only one who has notices that the Democratic Party is militarizing our rights?

I was sparked to make this observation by the rogue drone that was heading toward DC a while back. Talk about chickens coming home to roost.  Our own security has become a war zone.  We are stripped searched like a rapist if we want to fly home to visit Grandma for Christmas.  when did we all become criminals.  it sort of makes sense since Obama has continued the Bush policy that the President  has the right to declare anyone an enemy combatant and have them assassinated. For that matter Obama has not only continued  bush’s Constitution-violating policies, he has worsened them.

And if you decide to take a bus or train instead you can be stopped by a border patrol officer to ask for your papers.  I am not talking about crossing borders.  We are talking up up to 100 miles within the US.  When did we become East Germany?  Must be the wall we are putting up on our southern border.  Is it to keep people out, or to keep us in?

And I haven’t even gotten to the heart of my observations:  the nightmarish DREAM Act and the misplaced fight over “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT)

The Dream Act is a back-door military recruitment act.  And it’s not a very good deal at that.  The Dream Act was supposed to have 3 roads to citizenship:

  1. Military Service
  2. College
  3. Public Service

Option number 3 was thrown out quicker than you could say “single-payer”.  that left the military and college.  At first blink, that seems kinda fair.  The kids who can get into college get that path, and the ones who don’t still have a path to citizenship.  Except forr one thing.  You can’t get federal financial aid if  ou are here withourt documentation.  That means unless you are in a state the provides financial aid for undocumented students, you are out of luck.  Well, you can always work your way through school, right?  It would be hard enough to earn a living to survive when a person is undocumented, without having to cover the high cost of a college education.  So that leaves military service as the road to citizenship under the DREAM Act.  The first lie about the DREAM Act is that no one is in for only 2 years, it’s 8 years.  The second lie is that even after serving for the 2 years, you are not guaranteed citizenship.  You are still deportable.  And the US government has a long history of deporting veterans.  The website banishedveterans.info has the stories of several more veterans being deported.

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