Heartless Idiot of the Decade Award goes to…

This quote is from a Newsday story about Peter King’s Congressional Hearings to investigate Muslim-Americans:

…Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Scottsdale, Ariz., physician who in 2003 founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, like Bihi, blamed established American Muslim advocacy groups for a perceived lack of cooperation between Muslim civic leaders and law enforcement.

“Too many so-called Muslim leadership groups in America,” he said, “have specifically told Muslims across the nation, for example, not to speak to the FBI or law enforcement unless they are accompanied by an attorney.”…

Kimberly writes:

WTF? So, Dr. Jasser would tell his friends, that if the FBI starts questioning them, just go along, and don’t worry about an attorney? What?

I would not want this person Jasser being my friend. And, I sure would not take advice from him.

If anyone from law enforcement starts questioning me, I am getting an attorney…I’ve been handcuffed once for playing a freakin’ flute. Goodness knows what would have happened to me if I had been a Muslim or person of color…or, didn’t have an attorney.

I hope that the group Dr. Jasser is associated with is not as much as a dangerous, aloof-coopted-status-quo-sell-out-your-friends-type as he is.

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  1. Thank you ! This fool does not represent anyone but himsel. He was caught lying on the CNN show “in the arena” where he made up a poll stat about 30% of American Muslims wanting Islamic law in the US and spitzer (host) asked where he got that outrageous number he replied from an Egyptian poll !! Within minutes if hearing that the host dismissed him.

    This hearing is mickey mouse at best and outright fear and slander at worst.

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