Stop torturing Bradley Manning: Key government resignation underscores need to support PFC Manning

Below is an e-mail alert about Bradley Manning from Voters for Peace.

There is also an interesting piece about Manning on their website. A speech given at Busboys and Poets: here.

From: Voters for Peace
Date: March 15, 2011

The time is now to increase our efforts to free Bradley Manning. This Sunday, a rally in Quantico in support of Manning could be a critical turning point in U.S. history – are we a nation that tortures people awaiting trial or are we not? Join us.

The resignation of PJ Crowley as the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Information, the spokesperson for U.S. foreign policy, over his criticism of Manning’s conditions of confinement broke through the veil and showed there is division in the Obama administration over the mistreatment of Bradley Manning. Reportedly, President Obama was angry that people see his administration as torturing PFC Manning.

Crowley put his career on the line to speak with disfavor against the abusive confinement of Manning. He described it as “counterproductive and stupid.” When Crowley resigned he explained further that the treatment of Manning undermines the United States’ credibility with governments around the world.

The president was asked about Manning at a press conference and acknowledged that he had questioned the Pentagon about Manning’s treatment. There is no doubt this would not have occurred without the ongoing pressure of Manning’s supporters. We are making a difference.

But, the president was very disappointing when he put forward the false Pentagon line that Manning is being tortured for his own safety. This claim does not pass the straight face test but shows that the military has no good reason for their abusive treatment of Manning.

We are winning the battle of the minds on the issue of the treatment of Manning. Yesterday, the New York Times, which works very closely with the military and national security agencies, came out strongly against Manning’s treatment. The New York Times editorialized that “it would be useful to revisit the presumption of innocence and the Constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment” and expressed concern that President Obama was endorsing the mistreatment of Manning especially since when he ran for president he opposed Bush’s torture policies.

I am writing you today to urge you to take action to let President Obama know his response was unacceptable, that there is no good reason for the daily torture Manning in pre-trial detention. And, that the Commander-In-Chief order the military to stop the mistreatment of Manning. Please call the White House now at 202-456-1414. And, please send an email to President Obama by clicking here now.

Last weekend I gave a speech at an event to support Manning. You can read the speech here and view the presentation here. In the speech I graphically described the daily torture Manning faces and made the point that we must Stand With Brad because the treatment of him is an attempt to intimidate all Americans from standing up. We need to respond to their intimidation with unified strength, joy and resolve.

The Manning case is bigger than Bradley Manning. This is a time of revolutionary change in the United States and around the world, and Manning’s case is in the center of it. The corporate media fears losing their monopoly on information as they see a shift in power of information control ocurring from the few to the many. The government fears transparency that will tell Americans about the crimes and misdeeds of U.S. foreign policy by the military and State Department.

Finally, please join us in Quantico, VA outside the Marine base where Manning is being tortured. Daniel Ellsberg will lead a strong group of speakers critical of the treatment of Manning. For details visit here. And join us the day before in Washington, DC at the White House where a veteran led civil resistance will call for an end to the wars, stopping the lies and freeing Bradley Manning. Details of that event are here.

Thank you for your support and for taking action.


Kevin Zeese
Executive Director
Voters for Peace

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  1. You’re disgusting. This site sucks. Look around for news on the protests today. You didn’t give a heads up and you couldn’t write about them. Why do you even blog? You’re a joke.

    • Kimberly writes to Don: What protests are you referring to? Anti-war protests for the Anniversary of the Iraq War? I am fairly sure that we blogged about them previously, to let people know. In addition, Ian worked with the Green Party to support the local anti-war demo in Setauket, and make sure Green Party folks knew and went. And, I (Kimberly) helped get the word out through my peace group networks. The reason we did not report on them after-the-fact yet, was that we were busy with family business all day. We blog for free. We do our best. We have lives.

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