Spring is coming…and other reasons why the world is so full of energy

Signs of Spring: Lots of Green

On St. Patrick's Day, the world is wearing Spring Green. Photo by Kimberly Wilder.

Kimberly writes: Spring is coming, and I am all wound up. I did get some fun photos today out of my urge to create. (see read more.) Though, I was trying to figure out some reasons why I felt such a compelling surge of energy. Here is what I come up with:

  • The time changed, so I am feeling the extra sunlight
  • It’s St. Patrick‘s Day, so I am feeling excited for all my Irish friends
  • Purim is coming up — March 19th and 20th will be a holiday for my Jewish family and friends
  • Spring Equinox is March 20th. Now, anyone who believes a morsel in astrology, or just Mother Nature, knows Equinox is an important event!
  • And, March 19, 200 will be a full moon. And, not only a regular full moon, an extra big, Super Full Moon. (See explanation at NASA here.) More photos of today’s “Hint of Spring” below, and at my Flickr account.

Brick and branch windows

Swirling Tree Scene

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