NY Tea Party hates Democracy 4/7/11

IW: The Tea Party seems no different than the Democratic and Republican Parties that also exclude Green Party candidates.

“With all of their talk of the Constitution and Democracy,” he said, “you would not expect them to be as hypocritical as they are.”

“It’s bull—- that they didn’t invite me. It says right on the press release that they invited all candidates and then they haven’t,” he said.

Invite or not, Murphy says he’ll be at tonight’s forum. “I’m going to crash the party. I’m going anyway.”

via Tea Party hosts candidates night » Local News » Lockport Union-Sun & Journal Online.

Thursday, April 7, 2011
7:00 PM
Frontier Fire Hall
2176 Liberty Drive Niagara Falls, NY

I hope you can all make it there, too. Let’s show them how democracy works

from http://www.murphycanhascongress.com/2011/04/tea-time/#more-346


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  2. I gotta say the idea that any person would be excluded is repugnant to all Patriots One wold hope.
    Carl 4 TEA Party Power.

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