Unhappy with LIPA?

If you are unhappy with LIPA/Long Island Power Authority, you are not alone. A new survey-study shows that LIPA customers are the least satisfied in the nation. If you don’t like it…change it. When LIPA was set up, LIPA board members were supposed to be elected. There are still vestiges of the petitioning rules in NY State Law. Someone – or a few people – should take the time to collect signatures to run for LIPA board and hand them in to the board of elections. Then, see what happens…

Excerpt from latest survey story at Newsday
LIPA customers unhappiest in nation, survey finds

The Long Island Power Authority got the lowest customer satisfaction rating in the nation among the municipal utilities in the newly released American Customer Satisfaction Index.

The survey is based at the University of Michigan…

LIPA got a 65 rating, out of 100. The average for municipal utilities was 73… [See report: here.]

Previous LIPA has problems coverage at onthewilderside: here.

“LIPA was supposed to become the people’s power authority. That has not happened,” declares Ian Wilder of North Babylon, [former] co-chair of the Green Party of New York State, on his website. “When LIPA was first set up, there were supposed to be elected members of the LIPA board … That never happened. They are all appointed; with no accountability to the public …” – Karl Grossman

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