Is it time to turn LIPA back into a people’s power authority for Long Island?

Editors’ comments on November 14, 2012: LIPA does not need rants from the politicians who helped make the mess. LIPA needs elections!

Pre- Sandy LIPA/Long Island Power Authority coverage from local media:

Suffolk Closeup: Electing LIPA’s trustees
Shelter Island Reporter / October 21, 2012 by Karl Grossman

Sparring over LIPA board’s ‘legitimacy’
Newsday / October 27, 2012 by Mark Harrington

The Newsday article raises the following concerns:

-Originally, Long Island Power Authority/LIPA was supposed to have an elected board. That process has lapsed, which is of concern. And, some of have suggested that changing from elected to appointed may have been an unconstitutional maneuver.

-Even if the process of appointment is okay, Newsday notes, “Four trustees, including [Chairman, Howard] Steinberg, are serving despite their terms having expired.”

-“Steinberg…has served on the LIPA board since Gov. George Pataki appointed him in 1999…”

What should Long Islanders who care about LIPA bills, and/or energy issues, and/or basic fairness do?

First of all, let’s at least force Andrew Cuomo — the Democratic Party governor — to re-appoint or not re-appoint the current Chairman and trustees.

Second of all, let’s look into making LIPA trustee an elected position, as it always should have remained.

Background articles from onthewilderside over the years:

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April 20, 201

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August 11, 2012

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December 10, 2009

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September 7, 2008

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