Maria Shriver: Maybe you could help me…

Kimberly writes: I am kind of disappointed with myself. I think of myself as a rebel and progressive. Though, I have lately become intrigued with The Royal Wedding, and now the Schriver/Schwarzenegger news. Oh, well. I am, at least, going to try to mention it in as authentic a way as I can.

I wanted to share the very cool, heartfelt, youtube video that Maria Shriver made in March. It is about transitions. One imagines that it is obliquely related to the revelation that her husband had a love child, and she needed to make some decisions. It is super vulnerable and revealing. And, the youtube account it is on has more Maria Shriver videos. Youtube of Maria Shriver video with the “Maybe you could help me?” line is: here.

Some of my thoughts at the readmore below…

I think that Maria Shriver’s story is so interesting. Yes, she is a Kennedy. Though, she has taken such interesting paths in life, and has seemed to want to avoid (though, not successfully) partisan politics. Now that her world has changed so dramatically and traumatically, I wonder if she will go back to journalism or politics — ie: politics where she is the leader or candidate? Perhaps she may realize that the husband/wife political team doesn’t work with the husband out front, and the wife working the background. Maybe she will be the female Kennedy who wakes up and runs for office? (I would hope, under a third party banner?) I think she could do it. Even though it does not seem to be her MO.

Maria Shriver is the ultimate story of a Democrat, who must have believed that “good Republicans” are worthy and worth helping. Now that she has seen first-hand how it does not work, it must have taught her some lessons. She was witness to the Republican hypocrisy. She was also a close-up witness to the disintegration of a politician’s absolute personal and political deceit. With her communication skills, her resources, and her passion for making the world a better place, I can’t help but think that her life lessons will eventually change the system…

Here is the Daily News story that set me thinking and seeking that video: here.

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