Local, Organic Produce in Copiague on Saturday Mornings

IW:  The comptroller at my work says if she were in charge of the country everyone would be encouraged to have their own vegetable garden.  The farmer’s markets that have been springing up are a good start.  I was at the one in Copiague, NY which takes place on Saturday mornings until November.  Local residents bring vegetables to sell that they grew on their own property.  Many of them are organically grown.

Vincent Cirasole's Organic Garlic at the Copiague Farmer's Market 
The photo is of the produce of Vincent Cirasole’s organic garlic farm.  One of the other farmer’s was visiting when I took the picture.  Vincent when i took the picture.  He spent his childhood summers in Copiague at his grandfather’s summer cottage.  And some up close photos of his garlic:

Vincent Cirasole's Organic Garlic from the Copiague Farmer's Market

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  1. You couldn’t be more precise!!

  2. is vince still farming and selling his garlic?

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