Still fighting to keep Donald Trump’s big plans from Our Jones Beach!

Kimberly writes: I was getting worried. For several years, a group of activists had been set against Donald Trump’s over-big plans for a catering hall at Jones Beach. I believe the man wants to build a huge basement in this building that would be on the beach. In addition, he has a lot of plans that would put the ticket price up, and keep the regular community out.

Recently, I heard that Donald Trump had recruited some activists and politicians to be on his side. But, thank goodness, it is not our small band of idealists and environmentalists. So, for the record, Pat Friedman is still against the Donald Trump plan, and the way he went about getting his permits. And, Nassau Green Party member Jim Brown is against the current, Trump on the Ocean plan, too.

If you want to join a list-serve dedicated to sharing information on this topic, you can click on the Our Jones Beach Yahoo List-Serve: here. There is a blog, too. It is not up-to-date, yet, but has the background information: Our Jones Beach blog: here.

There is a story about the 9/14 rally, and the activists’ concerns at The Patch: here.

And, for another current story on the rally that Trump called last night, check out the story at Long Island Business News: here. (excerpt below) LI Business News mentions that there were anti-Trump-On-The-Ocean protesters there, too.(excerpt from) Long Island Business News
Trump, supporters rally for Jones Beach project
by Claude Solnik / September 14, 2011

After dozens of supporters and some critics rallied at Jones Beach regarding a restaurant stalled for five years, Donald Trump briefly walked onto the site where he and entrepreneur Steve Carl want to build the embattled Trump on the Ocean…

After five years of litigation, Trump and Carl are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Parks to advance the project, which so far has languished.

They want the state to approve the plans and to drop requests for back rent, essentially restarting the time table on the contract…

Trump and his supporters argue the parks department has the authority to approve the construction on its property without an additional variance.

Eleanor Krebs, a Farmingdale resident, who held a sign saying “Don’t bail out Trump with taxpayer money,” said Trump hasn’t lived up to his end of the deal. “He signed a contract. Then he went to court,” she said. “New York state taxpayers had to pay for the lawyers.”

The New York State Parks Department said it doesn’t oppose construction, but simply wants the developers to comply with the contract…

As the rally dispersed, Trump got back in his limousine and left Jones Beach with some hopeful parting words echoing against the backdrop of the waves and sand. “See you at the groundbreaking,” he said as he left…

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