Unconfirmed reports: Kevin Callahan killed by multiple gunshots

We have received unconfirmed reports, via an e-mail, that a death certificate has been issued for Kevin Callahan, the man who was shot and killed by Suffolk County Police in Selden. This matches information received through comments to the site, that there were several shots fired. Because these reports are unconfirmed, we will continue to make updates and corrections here.

Below is the description I was told via an e-mail from last night (9/25):

“I just saw the official death certificate. The cause of death is listed as ‘homicide’ from ‘multiple gun shots.'”

In addition, here are two comments, from two different sources, posted at the original story on this incident:

Sept 23 comment:

“They have tazers as well as billy clubs a beating or getting tazed is the right way to go not to shot a person 5-7 times”

Sept 26 comment:

“And from what some neightbors are saying.. their was 5-6 shots fired”

2 Responses

  1. Love you Kev <3

  2. I am sick to hear.of this he was a friend of many years since middle school and may.not have made great choices for his life but come on deth!!!!! I knew the 6th.precinct was full of dirty cops but this they went in with the intention for blood and sadly they got it R.i.p.kev.miss ya!

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