Another police killing: What if there were no police?

The latest police failure is the story of a police officer in Houston, Texas, who shot and killed a man, who was a double-amputee, who was in his wheelchair. [Story at CNN: here] The man had been threatening the officer with what turned out to be a pen. Below is my essay, previously published at […]

Family of Selden man killed by police files lawsuit and receives press attention in Newsday

Background story at onthewilderside: here. Join the Stand Up for Kevin FaceBook page: here. (excerpt) from Newsday Kin to file suit vs. cops in fatal shooting June 13, 2012 The family of a Selden man killed by police last year will file a federal lawsuit against the Suffolk County Police Department Thursday, alleging officers used […]

RIP Kevin Callahan: Innocent man killed by Suffolk County Police

Update: September 2012: Family, friends, and supporters of Kevin Callahan are invited to a Candlelight Vigil in Selden, on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 7pm. There is a FaceBook Event Page: here. ______________________________________________________ Kimberly writes: Kevin Callahan was killed by Suffolk County Police on September 20, 2011. It is now January 5, 2012. Today is […]

12/30/2011 – Police kill man in Nassau today (And, update on police killing in Suffolk)

Kimberly Wilder writes: I hope that the public stays watchful of incidents where police kill citizens. It is so important to all of our rights and safety, that our government strives to exact justice through the courts, not on the streets. Of course, we should not immediately blame police, as they have difficult jobs. And, […]

Update: Man killed by Suffolk Police. Police give little answers.

To learn more about the shooting, support the family, see photos of Kevin, and get action ideas, you can join the Stand Up For Kevin FaceBook page: here. _________________ Action Update April 2012: A member of Kevin Callahan’s extended family pointed me to a march, posted at the Justice for Kenny website: here. On April […]

A man has been killed by police: Please help demand answers

Action Update April 2012: A member of Kevin Callahan’s extended family pointed me to a march, posted at the Justice for Kenny website: here. On April 14, 2012 at 10am in Bay Shore/5th Avenue, there will be a march for justice, dedicated to the victims of police brutality at the hands of the Suffolk County […]

Unconfirmed reports: Kevin Callahan killed by multiple gunshots

We have received unconfirmed reports, via an e-mail, that a death certificate has been issued for Kevin Callahan, the man who was shot and killed by Suffolk County Police in Selden. This matches information received through comments to the site, that there were several shots fired. Because these reports are unconfirmed, we will continue to […]

Police shoot and kill man at his home in Selden, LI, NY

Update: A family member has informed me via e-mail, that Kevin Callahan’s funeral will be today, Saturday, September 24th. Condolences to the family. RIP Kevin Callahan. This situation is extra fishy. Please see the official press release and my notes under the article. -KW via NBC News/AP A Long Island man [26-year-old Kevin Callahan] has […]

Journalist arrested on Long Island, while trying to film the aftermath of a police chase

A local chance to protect freedom of the press. Concerned citizens should watch this case, and make sure the journalist is treated fairly. – KW (excerpt from) Newsday Cops: News cameraman arrested in Bohemia July 30, 2011 Suffolk police on Friday arrested a news cameraman in Bohemia who was trying to videotape the aftermath of […]

Suffolk County Police use taser on homeless man selling possibly stolen jewelry

(excerpt from) Long Island Press Homeless Man Tasered in Struggle With Suffolk Police By Timothy Bolger on October 6th, 2010 A 20-year-old homeless man…was Tasered on Tuesday while fighting with Suffolk County police who were attempting to arrest him for string of burglaries. A detective with the Property Recovery Unit was at Cash for Gold […]

Woman dies in custody of Suffolk County police

(excerpt from) Long Island Press Full story: here. By Timothy Bolger on Aug 9th, 2010 Suffolk County police say a homeless woman who had been arrested for theft was found dead in a cell at the Fourth Precinct in Smithtown early Monday morning. A detention attendant was making a routine check at the stationhouse on […]

USDOJ Suffolk Police Dept Hate Crimes Reporting Investigation: Community Outreach 3/21/10 & Hotline

Please be advised that the U.S. Department of Justice has set up a toll free hotline for victims/witnesses/others to of hate crimes call:  877-795-3339, and an email for victims/witnesses/others to contact them for whatever reason: DOJ is also going to have a full day of outreach meetings next Sunday, March 21st. 9:30 am -12 pm […]

Suffolk Police, federal probes and better practices…

Gggggrrrr! It is such a shame that our biggest, local newspaper is Newsday, and they cut and ran behind a pay wall. It is really abusive of them to use our elected officials as sources, and take all the privileges of the media, and then force people to pay Newsday, or use their other corporate […]

Stop the Huntington Station Tent City evictions!

Background story and more photos: here. Long Island Food Not Bombs (LIFNB) led a call-in campaign today – Tuesday, January 19th – to stop further evictions and destruction at the Huntington Station Tent City. Since business hours are over, please consider e-mailing tonight and/or calling tomorrow morning. In addition, they are suggesting calls to Suffolk […]