Sat night/Early Sunday – OWS demonstrators at new park

1:08 am update: Not sure everything going on. The police forced protesters to leave Washington Square Park at midnight. I think some protesters stayed. Now, there are some protesters wandering the streets. I think a band of 70 heading back to Liberty Square/Zucotti. There are two Live Streams at times. The Global Revolution one is usually whole US, but I think focused more on NYC tonight, and most interesting at times tonight. Global Revolution Live Stream: here.

Please watch at the Live Stream for the NYC encampment.

Today has been a busy day for Occupy Wall Street. They protested at a bank, and demonstrators (with bank accounts) and bystanders were unfairly arrested. They marched on Time Square, and dozens of folks were arrested and one injured.

The NYC General Assembly — the decision-making body of the group — held an Assembly meeting at a different park, at Washington Square Park at 9pm. Some folks have been considering that park to add room, since they are overcrowded at Liberty Square.

It is 11:38pm. The Assembly is meeting, though, it may be disbanding. Police have at least 3 vans at Washington Square Park. Some people seem to be returning to Liberty Square. Some people seem like they want to stay. I think the police are coming to arrest. I think some demonstrators are just planning on leaving.

The park is being surrounded. At least the media team is planning on leaving now.

I think the deadline is midnight, and the Assembly did not determine for all to stay at Washington Square.

Some background and photos:

Since the demonstrators have been thinking about Washington Square Park for awhile, including holding an assembly there last Saturday and this Saturday, Ian and I visited it on our trip to the city. Here are some photos of Washington Square Park from Sunday, October 9th. At that time, we only found one Occupy Wall Street demonstrator, who was holding a sign and trying to engage people in conversation.

Ian at Washington Square Park NYC

Kimberly speaks to the lone demonstrator at Washington Square Park last Sunday. See the fountain in the background? Washington Square Park is really coo, and really big, with sections. It would be like an occupy encampment palace.

Kimberly speaks with an OWS demonstrator at WSqP

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