Make your best sign. Wave it at your local politicians!

Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day. Today is your today to make a miniature sign, and wave it at the politicos and elected officials in your neighborhood. You can do this by pulling levers or writing things on the ballot! If you must, you could even use the pencil provided to draw a picture on […]

What’s happening at Occupy Wall Street? Updated as of 10/29/2011

Update at 11:56 am EST – It is a wintery mix, of heavy snow, not sticking at Liberty Park/NYC. Everyone is digging in and staying. The unofficial Occupy Wall Street weather person predicts that the “sticking snow” will arrive in a few hours. LIVESTREAM FROM NYC: here. Update 10/29/2011 at 11:09 am – It is […]

Sat night/Early Sunday – OWS demonstrators at new park

1:08 am update: Not sure everything going on. The police forced protesters to leave Washington Square Park at midnight. I think some protesters stayed. Now, there are some protesters wandering the streets. I think a band of 70 heading back to Liberty Square/Zucotti. There are two Live Streams at times. The Global Revolution one is […]

Our Occupy Wall Street Adventure AND second issue of OWS newspaper

Our Flickr page has dozens of photos from Occupy Wall Street today…onthewilderside Flickr: here. Here are my rough notes/retype from The Occupied Wall Street Journal Saturday, October 8, 2011 Issue 2 Articles:

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