OWS Tues morning: Bloomberg Press Conference, Eviction, Where To Go Now…

Tuesday 11/15/2011
2:02pm update:

Court over. Judge has promised ruling on eviction and continuation of Liberty Square/Zucotti Park by 3pm!
Mayor Bloomberg defies court order and keeps Zucotti closed.
Mayor Bloomberg should be arrested for contempt of court.
Our story: here.

Slogan of the day: “You cannot violate an idea!”

Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Liberty Square/Zucotti Park in NYC. 5,000 books from The People’s Library were destroyed! They took down our library!

People are meeting at Foley Square. Please go there anytime today.

But, there is a break! The hundreds of protesters are now going to NYC City Hall for Mayor Bloomberg’s 8am Press Conference. (Note, they are not letting people into the press conference. Protesters feel like public should be let in.

Tuesday Morning:

8:00am – Go to Bloomberg’s Press Conference at NYC City Hall and shout message about violating an idea and evicting from Zucotti

8:15am – Go back to FOLEY Square. Because they are going to march to the next step

9am – A meeting at 6th and Canal with Labor Leaders to discuss next moves

9:40am – Folks discussing all this:

-A delegation going back to Zucotti soon, to see if they can get back in.
-People coming to 6th and Canal to join in solidarity
-A delegation probably going to court at 11am

(Some people suggesting waiting for other group to arrive. Decisions not clear as of 9:42am)

Watch live:


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