NY Governor gives State of the State: The People and Occupy gather elsewhere…

If you are interesting in coverage on conservative, old school, Democrat politician Governor Andrew Cuomo has to say, you can find good coverage of his State of the State speech here: www.capitaltonight.com

If you want to see what the grassroots and occupiers think, here are excerpts from an article at The Times Union:

(excerpt from) The Times Union blog
The People’s State of the State? Cold
Posted on January 3, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Competing against bitter cold and the Albany City Hall carillon bells, an assortment of union activists from the Public Employees Federation and New York State United Teachers, Albany Occupiers, anti-poverty workers and others just finished an hour-long rally at the now-empty Academy Park…

It appears that most of the Occupy-Union-Social Justice folks concluded that they could best get their message across today rather than trying to compete with the expected wall-to-wall coverage that Gov. Andrew Cuomo…will likely get during Wednesday’s State of the State…

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