Some updates and links for Occupy Congress in DC #J17

The numbers: A Washington Post report says 500 occupiers during the day and 1,000 occupiers by night.

It is upsetting that the DC Police (I think it is the Capitol Police) played games with permits for Occupy Congress/Occupy DC. And, now the police have arrested one occupy activist.

(Number of arrests may be up to two. [Final county seems to be four arrests as of about 9pm EST. ]See LiveBlogging at Washington Post: here) (Of course, with the new, National Defense Authorization Act, one of the folks could simply have been disappeared and indefinitely detained…)

Looks like Occupy Oakland Live Stream has live video from DC:

Please watch live-stream video on this DC Ustream station:

An amusing event (after the arrest): An occupier managed to climb up a tree. His colleagues chanted, “Who’s tree? Our tree!”

This event was listed at the Occupy Wall Street site, Here is more about today’s, January 16th, Occupy Congress action from

Washington, DC—On January 17 Americans from across the nation and the world will assemble in the shadows of a broken system to participate in real democracy.

At 9 am on the opening day of Congress, Occupy Congress will convene for a day of action against a corrupt political institution. Actions include a multi-occupational General Assembly, teach-ins, an OCCUParty, a pink slip for every congressional “representative” and a march on all three branches of a puppet government that sold our rights and our futures to the 1%.

This is an illegitimate system. Around half of the nation’s population doesn’t participate in electoral politics. More than 6 million Americans who want to vote are disenfranchised, including the entire populace of the District of Columbia. There is consensus that we are on the wrong track and that our “leaders” do not have our interests at heart.


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There is a whole “Corporate Personhood Committee”

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