In DC: Sir! No Sir! antiwar film and discussion

Anti-war event in D.C. Hat/tip to John Judge for the info: “Sir! No Sir!” A Film About The GI Movement Against The War In Vietnam Movie night in Mt. Pleasant! Friday  October 12th 6-9pm Lamont Park (corner of Lamont and Mt Pleasant sts., NW) 4 blocks from Columbia Hts Metro (Green/yellow Lines) S2, S4, 42, […]

Saturday morning: Occupy DC being unfairly evicted

Check back at Occupy DC throughout the week to see what kind of support and follow up actions they request: Occupy DC: here. Link and streaming video at Occupy Wall Street: here. (LOL! The ad at UStream is for Capitol One Bank. Defy them by putting your money in a credit union or community bank […]

Updates on situation at OccupyDC: Preparing for unfair eviction of dream tents

Updates below (and ongoing) at here #OccupyDC Prepares to Defend Home Jan. 30, 2012, 11:42 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt Watch Twitter feeds for #OccupyDC, #McPhersonSQ, #defend99, #J30, @Occupy_DC, and @OccupyDCAction. [from OccupyWallSt] Live Updates: 1:40: After addressing media, cops circle around Tent of Dreams, leave.

Some updates and links for Occupy Congress in DC #J17

The numbers: A Washington Post report says 500 occupiers during the day and 1,000 occupiers by night. It is upsetting that the DC Police (I think it is the Capitol Police) played games with permits for Occupy Congress/Occupy DC. And, now the police have arrested one occupy activist. (Number of arrests may be up to […]