Bardel (G-NY11) for Congress 2012

Hank Bardel has announced that he will run for Congress in the 11th Congressional District which includes all of Staten Island and part of Brooklyn around Bay Ridge with the Green Party. He made his announcement after a meeting of the New York State Green Party State Committee Meeting held on Saturday, March 17, in Manhattan.  Hank will be gathering signatures on Green Party petitions to be given to the Board of Elections in the next few weeks. 

Bardel’s campaign statement:

The Green Party and I are running on a progressive agenda of helping the poor and the middle class gain democratic control of society so that we can equitably distribute the weath that is being produced, and to stop the plutocracies of this nation and world  from exploiting Earth’s resources anymore than they already have. With this in mind, I would like to stress the followig issues in my campaign: attainment of lasting peace, a single payer health care system, a clean and healthy environment, billions more for education and more jobs and a heathy economy. I know it can be done and we can do it.


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