LI Peace, Justice, and Occupy event: Photos and Videos from 3/24/2012

Port Jefferson: Peace, Justice, Occupy

Peace, Justice and Occupy: Plus doggie

This is a full view of the rally after the march:

Peace, Justice & Occupy: March 24th


Video of a fun day in Port Jefferson. A snippet from the march is at 31 seconds:


Occupy Long Island: Peace, Justice And Occupy Event 3/24/2012

Peace, Justice and Occupy: Plus Ferry

Peace, Justice and Occupy: Plus music

About the photos and video:

These photos are from a Peace, Justice and Occupy event held by North Country Peace Group and other Long Island activist and occupy groups on March 24, 2012 in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York. You can gather with other Long Island occupiers on FaceBook at:  There are Long Island Occupations of various styles in Patchogue, Shirley, Huntington, and other towns. Also, Occupy Stony Brook University, Occupy Old Westbury, and other university occupies.

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