Yoko Ono gets serious (and silly) about fracking

Fracking is Not OK!

Photo by By Erland Howden

Fracking stuff: (See video of Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, and Jimmy Fallon singing about fracking at the readmore…)

Do you know what fracking is? It is a method of pumping water and chemicals underground, and then drilling horizontally in shale formations for natural gas. Fracking has been linked to earthquakes happening in areas near to, and far from, the point of the fracking. The Long Island earthquake in August of 2011 may have been a result of fracking in Virginia.

Yoko Ono is getting serious about trying to prevent fracking in New York State. She wrote a letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. You can see the letter at Yoko Ono’s “Imagine Peace” website: here. Yoko Ono told Governor Cuomo:

…Right now, some people are trying to make easy money, and meanwhile ruin this country’s future, by a thing called ‘fracking.’ It is clear to everybody in this city, and certainly most everyone in the state, that by doing this our beautiful natural green valleys of New York will be devastated and ruined forever. Nothing is worth doing that.

It will immediately make the pure water we have now in this state become dirty and poisonous. Many adults and many children will get cancer. The ones who have means will get out of the State. There could even be a string of class actions suits against the State of New York and its agencies. New Yorkers will only be too glad to join in the demand for reparations. The heavy legal cases will go on until the next century and more.

There is another scenario available to us…We, under the wise decision by you, our Governor, can get together to protect the State and even the whole country from being ruined. Like what the governor of Vermont, our next door State has done: leading America into a sustainable future based on renewable energy…

We need your wisdom and leadership to make this happen. Please say YES to life, and NO to Fracking. Thank you…

And, Yoko Ono is also willing to get silly about fracking. This video is great!

Don’t Frack My Mother
(Song starts about 6 minutes 10 seconds)

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