Hey @gallupnews! Don’t be so biased! Include @JillStein2012 in your #Election2012 polling!

Dr. Jill Stein

Dr. Jill Stein

Perhaps you’ve noticed that not only is much of the corporate media failing the public by ignoring independent party candidates, but the major polling organizations are too. Unfortunately, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) – created and controlled by the Republicans and Democrats – requires 15% support among five public opinion polls in order for a candidate to be included in the debates. But, they don’t name which polls or even when they’ll gather such evidence.

One thing we do know is that the Gallup Organization is the only official advisor on polling to the CPD.

So, let’s make some noise and tell Gallup to take 3 important actions:

  • Include  Jill Stein in ALL Gallup polling. (The last mention of her was waaay back on July 6th.)
  • Encourage other polling organizations to include Jill Stein. (They are an industry leader and should be promoting responsible polling and reporting.)
  • Advise the CPD to only consider polls that have included all legitimate candidates. (The Stein campaign made history and secured Federal matching funds! Doesn’t that demonstrate significant public support?)

Here’s how you can contact them – and we strongly encourage you contact them repeatedly. 

Thanks for helping us fight the media blackout! We will not be silent.

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  1. I just contacted them. And there’s a petition right now to get Women’s Media Center and MS. Magazine to cover Dr. Stein’s campaign for president and Roseann Barr’s too.


  2. […] Hey @gallupnews! Don’t be so biased! Include @JillStein2012 in your #Election2012 polling! 14 hours […]

  3. […] Hey @gallupnews! Don’t be so biased! Include @JillStein2012 in your #Election2012 polling! […]

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