Democracy Now! gives the Green Party its Graphic Props

Green Party on Democracy Now

I complained vehemently here about Democracy Now! not treating all presidential candidates equally. I even posted a somewhat tongue in cheek Contest to Change the Name of Democracy Now! for their lack of equal time coverage.

This was especially prompted by the failure of DN! to cover the arrest of the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein leading an anti-foreclosure protest.  The post did not seem to catch anyone’s attention.  It only attracted a negative comment from Denis Moynihan,  the former DN! outreach director.  The day after that DN! finally reported on Green Party Nominee Arrested at Anti-Foreclosure Rally.

That was followed by Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin on Chevron fire in Richmond, California and this week’s Green Party VP Cand Cheri Honkala Joins “Romneyville” Encampment.

And now a Green party graphic from Democracy Now! for the election season.  I may have to cancel the contest. ;)

Here is the full graphic at 1 minute, 44 seconds: 



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