Democracy Now! gives the Green Party its Graphic Props

And now a Green party graphic from Democracy Now! for the election season.

Black Caucus Surprise

Not sure if this flew by the credentionalling committee yet, so I will be cryptic: The GP-US Black Caucus met today in Chicago at the Green Party Annual National Meeting. The Black Caucus chose their two delegates to the convention,  they choose delegates who no one could possibly disagree with being the best candidates for […]

Chicago Conventions in 1968 and 2008

The site of the 2008 Green National Convention commemorates the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Democratic Convention, outside of which thousands of antiwar activists gathered to protest the war and the nomination of pro-war candidate Hubert Humphrey. The confrontation in the streets of Chicago between protesters and law enforcement erupted in a police riot under […]

Libertarian Prez candidate: It’s Bob Barr!

Up-to-the-minute on C-Span: here. ( Also, lots of coverage at Third Party Watch. Update: May 25th at 5:43pm: The Libertarian Presidential Candidate for 2008 will be Bob Barr. The vote got down to Mary Ruwart and Bob Barr, and they just called it for Bob Barr. Now they will be deliberating on their Vice Presidential […]

Register now for the 2008 GP-US Presidential Convention

Hey Everyone, July 10-13, 2008, Chicago IL.  Live Green Vote Green! The National Nominating Convention is only 6 months away and plans are underway for a great week of activities including: campaign school style and other workshops, interesting speakers, a presidential candidate debate and of course the nominating convention. The Annual National Meeting Committee is […]