Black Friday: Buy Nothing! Demand Peace! Support striking Wal-Mart workers!

Occupy Long Island: Buy Nothing Day sign

Occupy Black Friday

See box below for “Occupy Walmart/Occupy Black Friday” on Long Island

Great Live Streaming of a Walmart event in Maryland: here.

Black Friday for some people means lining up for bargains at the doors of big corporations. Though, people who want our country to be more sustainable, and less dependent on war money,  have often asked people to “Buy Nothing” on the day after Thanksgiving.

This year, there are several ways to celebrate the empowerment that is Buy-Nothing-Day:

-Make sure you do not buy anything on Friday, November 23, 2012

-On all the other shopping days leading to Christmas and Chanukah…shop local, union, Fair Trade, organic, natural, and/or sustainably when possible. [See our Peace Couple website for Kind Shopping ideas.]

-Join Occupy Wall Street in your area, as they protest at Walmart, in support of striking Walmart workers.

To follow updates today:

On Twitter, follow: #walmartstrikers @ForRespect @ChangeWalmart

Live Blogging at The Christian Science Monitor:

Live Video from a great demo in Maryland:

An anti-Black Friday shopping video at Youtube: here and below.

An excellent (archival) speech by Reverend Billy about Black Friday, Consumerism, and Buy Nothing Day: here.

Info for the Occupy Long Island Black Friday Demo at Walmart:

Occupy Black Friday
Centereach Mall Walmart
Suffolk County, Long Island, New York
Fri. November 23rd
12 noon  to 2:00 pm

Suffolk Peace Network and Occupy groups will gather in front of Walmart, which is located 2.7 miles east of the Smithhaven Mall on Middle Country Rd. Occupy will be having a Free Market – 100% Free for the 99%. We will be supporting the nationwide Walmart Workers Strike as well as delivering a message connecting the bad economy and lack of jobs to the wars and defense spending.

Signs to include: Money for Jobs, Not War. Bring Our War $$ Home. (please bring your own.)Meet at 12:00 noon. Carpooling encouraged.Photos (and signs) from last year’s Occupy Black Friday demo at our Flickr: here.


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