Our Statement on Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense

The below statement was posted at The Fellowship of Reconciliation. Ian and Kimberly Wilder have borrowed it, to reflect our position on the current wave of violence in the Middle East:

As [people] committed to nonviolence, [we] oppose all armed conflict and especially attacks on civilians.* We mourn the deaths of civilians in Gaza and Israel, and pray for their families and those who have been injured in attacks. We believe that an immediate cessation of hostilities can best be achieved through a negotiated ceasefire that evolves into a sustained commitment to peaceful co-existence. We oppose policies of occupation, torture, targeted assassination, drone warfare, firing of rockets on civilians and ground invasions.

[We] recognize the enormous political, economic and military power imbalance between the Israeli State and representatives of the Palestinians. We believe that Israel’s policy of complete closure of Gaza has created the largest open air prison in the world. The people of Gaza are suffering. Operation Pillar of Defense imposes further tragedy and death upon a people already living under traumatic and life threatening circumstances.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation urges our chapters and affiliates to intensify efforts to end the United State’s unconditional military support of Israel and support active noncooperation with corporations and institutions that profit and benefit from occupation, militarism and war.  Take action today.  As one citizen of Israel pleaded, turn Operation Pillar of Defense into Operation for a Hopeful Future.


*Actual opening sentence as published at F.O.R.: “As an interfaith organization committed to nonviolence, The Fellowship of Reconciliation opposes all armed conflict and especially attacks on civilians. ..”

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