Conservative Group targets protesters with personal database

from Facing South
Sue Sturgis / June 19, 2013
via Portside list-serve

Art Pope-funded group launches database targeting Moral Monday arrestees

The John W. Pope Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank based in Raleigh, N.C., has launched a database targeting people who’ve been arrested as part of the Moral Monday nonviolent protests at the state legislature. (Anti-Tea-Party protests)

The Civitas Institute was founded by conservative mega-donor and discount-retail mogul Art Pope, now the North Carolina budget director under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory…

The Civitas database includes each protester’s name, city and county of residence, sex, race, age, arrest date, occupation, employer (and whether it’s in the public, private or nonprofit sector), interest group affiliations [including NAACP, Occupy Raleigh, etc.], and mugshot.

It also includes arrestees’ voter registration information and whether there was a discrepancy between the address the person is registered at and the address they gave when arrested. A number of those discrepancies appear to involve students, who often register to vote at their parents’ home while living elsewhere to attend school. Discrepancies can also occur when someone has moved since the last election but hasn’t updated his or her registration.

The database offers infographics detailing demographic and political characteristics of those arrested. And it offers a “Pick the Protester Game” in which visitors to the database are shown three mugshots and asked a question about them, such as “Which protester is 55 years old?” or “Which protester is from Orange County?”…

Read the rest at Facing South: here


Brave and amusing commentary by Jedediah Purdy, one of the activists listed in the database is at The Huffington Post: here.

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