Military Violence against civilians in Egypt: 12/17/2011 – Link to live video

Sad news: The military in Egypt has attacked protesters. Nine people are dead. Live Streaming on a global occupy live stream site: You can help. Watch the live video. Be a witness. Comment and follow action alert directions. Link to a story at Vancouver Sun: here. Protesters are returning to Tahrir Square.

Egypt: Come witness now! Military jets flying over protestors…

Live feed via Al-Jazeera, at Common Dreams: Oh, my… Please witness, and support the people of Egypt. It is 9:01 am EST/NY Time Sunday morning. Someone just said it is 4pm in Egypt, that is the beginning of the curfew. Egyptian fighter jets are flying back and forth over the crowd in Tahrir Square […]

Egypt: Action Alert from Amnesty International USA

Note: On Feb 3, 2011, two Amnesty International staff members have been detained in Egypt. Amnesty International USA: TAKE ACTION NOW! from a January 29, 2001 e-mail The crackdown on freedoms is intensifying across Egypt as security forces use tear gas, water cannons, live rounds and lethal force against protesters. Pick up the phone and […]

Live feed from Egypt

Link to Al Jazeera video as posted at Common Dreams: It has been about 3 hours that the people of Egypt are demonstrating on the street, in violation of the curfew. The video news from Al-Jazeera is reporting that Mubarak has now appointed a new Vice President, Omar Suleiman (also, spelled Omar Soliman) — […]

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