Live feed from Egypt

Link to Al Jazeera video as posted at Common Dreams: It has been about 3 hours that the people of Egypt are demonstrating on the street, in violation of the curfew. The video news from Al-Jazeera is reporting that Mubarak has now appointed a new Vice President, Omar Suleiman (also, spelled Omar Soliman) — […]

Green Party VP Rosa Clemente on the VP Debate and the Bailout

from Democracy Now! JUAN GONZALEZ: And, Rosa Clemente, your response to the economic portion of the debate and the issue of the bailout? ROSA CLEMENTE: Well, I mean, I think both people up there last night were clear that they don’t have the majority of the American people’s interests at heart, including the majority of […]

Correction: The books that GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin (might have) wanted to ban

I originally accepted the representation that this list was from a Wasilla, Alaska library board meeting as the books Mayor Palin wanted to ban.  We cannot confirm that she wanted to ban these books. We can confirm that she asked several times about banning books. We can confirm that the Village Librarian said she would […]

Green Party candidates strive to open the debates

Wednesday, August 27 at 7pm in Denver, there will be an Open the Debates Rally. Rosa Clemente, Green Party Vice Presidential candidate is on the speaker list. The rally will be held at the Magness Arena, University of Denver, sponsored by Nader/Gonzalez. – Who deserves to be in the Presidential Debates? Any person wanting to […]

One more thing: Rosa on Comedy Central’s political blog

Oh, and one more cool piece of Rosa news for the day. Rosa Clemente made Comedy Central’s political blog “Indecision 2008.” Her answers were punchy, but entertaining. My favorite: INDY: No, seriously. Do you actually think a Green Party candidate can win the presidency. RC: AS LONG AS IT’S A DARK GREEN FYI: I posted […]

Daily Greens Video: GP VP Rosa Clemente vote and acceptance speech

[googlevideo=] Green Party Nomination Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech Rosa A. Clemente July 12, 2008 – Chicago, IL Good Afternoon – Buena Tardas. It is with much honor y mucho orgullo that I am here today. This is a historical moment in the American Electoral Political System.

Cynthia McKinney helps re-define the goal

I am so inspired by just having watched Rosa Clemente and Cynthia McKinney on C-Span giving their acceptance speeches for the Green Party nomination. I truly believe that this broadcast will be a big boost to the Green Party. Both women and both speeches were wise, profound, and motivating. New Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate Rosa […]

Daily Greens: Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente

Photo of Green Party Presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney and her rumored Vice presidential pick Rosa Clemente at the Green Party Presidential Convention reception for international visitors.

Who will be the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate in ’08?

Green Party VP Poll here. KW: This whole post is thanks to Green Party Watch. They put up a post speculating on who the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate might be, and received over 30 comments. I collected every mention and put them on this list. In a couple of days, I will turn this […]