Boa Sr dies. She was the last speaker of Bo, an ancient language.

Op Ed News reports on the death of Boa Sr. She was the last person fluent in the Bo language of the Andaman Islands (a territory of India, in the Bay of Bengal). So, her death breaks link with a 65,000-year-old culture. _______________________________ Found this story at Op Ed News, who had linked to a […]

President Obama and the Special Olympics

You may have heard that, on the Jay Leno Show, President Barack Obama made a joke about the Special Olympics. President Obama was describing his own bowling, and in a remark meant to be humble and self-deprecating, he said, “It was like Special Olympics or something.” I am very heartened to see that people noticed […]

Incorrect Election Date given to Spanish Speakers in Westchester, NY

I now heard this from two sources: A person from the League of Women Voters and this Long Island immigrant support organization. (And, here is a story about the BOE’s attempts to correct the problem: here.) By Patrick Young CARECEN October 31, 2008 2:44 PM On Fridays I work at the Westchester Hispanic Coalition […]