Border Patrol makes upstate NY a Constitution-free zone

NYCLU Report Reveals Troubling Border Patrol Tactics in Upstate New York  The U.S. Border Patrol is using aggressive policing tactics far from the border in upstate New York to increase arrest rates with little regard to New Yorkers’ constitutional rights and freedoms, according to a report released today by the NYU Immigrant Rights Clinic, the New York […]

Some Libertarian thinking on immigration

A message from Wes Benedict of the national Libertarian Party expresses tolerance for immigrants and presents solutions for immigration problems.

TN legislator gives up attempt to require proof of citizenship with voter registration

from Ballot Access News Tennessee Legislator Gives Up Attempt to Require Proof of Citizenship to Accompany Voter Registration Forms February 9th, 2010 Last year, Tennessee Representative Eric Watson (R-Cleveland) introduced HB 270, to require new voters, when they register, to include a copy of a passport, birth certificate, or naturalization certificate, to prove that the […]

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