What happened in Oakland on Saturday: Good information on the Occupy Oakland situation

Many people are questioning what happened with Occupy Oakland on Saturday, January 28th. Below is some information, including a fairly objective article from The Christian Science Monitor, and a link to the bail fund for folks who want to help the occupy activists who were arrested. (excerpt from) The Christian Science Monitor Weekend violence in […]

Occupy Oakland and others call for a shutdown of all west coast ports on December 12th

When Occupy Oakland called for a general strike on November 2nd, they were able to shut down the Port of Oakland. It was a great moment for the power of the people, the power of the 99%, and the cause of the occupation. Now, many of the west coast occupations have gotten together in an […]

Monday: Lots of stuff happening. Police in Oakland cleared out camp and made arrests.

Plan for Oakland on Monday. As announced at Occupy Oakland: “The plan now is to reconverge at the Oakland Main Public Library at 14th Street and Madison at 4pm” [That is 7pm EST, for folks in NY who wish to observe and offer phone support] _____________________ There are updates and some lists of phone numbers […]

Message from Scott Olsen, Vet for Peace injured at Occupy Oakland protests

(excerpt from) SF Appeal Former Marine Injured In #OccupyOakland Demonstration Releases Statement A former U.S. Marine injured in Occupy Oakland demonstrations last month released his first public statement on Sunday after he was released from the hospital last week. [Scott] Olsen posted the statement on Google Plus Sunday morning, accompanied by a picture of himself […]

Occupy Oakland update

Here are some reports I gathered by observing news reports and activist LiveStreams last night and this morning: The overall Occupy Oakland General Strike was peaceful. During the afternoon and early hours, there were some reports of people ahead of the march doing graffiti, etc. But, it seems that peacekeepers from the march actually stopped […]

Wed. Nov 2, 2011: General strike in the city of Oakland, California

As part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and in response to police oppression, including injuries to peace veteran Scott Olsen, Occupy Oakland has called for a general strike on November 2nd. Live Blogging of the Occupy Oakland Strike by Mercury News: here. _____________ Early morning update from Oakland at RT.com: here. “Hundreds of teachers […]

10/29 late night EST: Many occupies under attack

There are at least four occupies under attack right now. I only have three! Unless, they mean Oakland, which is strange tonight. Occupy Denver, Occupy Austin, Occupy London all in trouble now. Consider being a witness on the LiveStreams or local news if you are awake. Global LiveStream: (Often shows where things are hot. Now […]

Info and updates on Scott Olson – Veteran for Peace assaulted by police at Occupy Oakland incident

Update about 4pm EST Thursday: A local NBC station says that Scott Olson [Scott Olsen] does have a fractured skull, but that as of Thursday morning (California time) he is doing better. Full story, including updates about Occupy Oakland: here. There is a list of Thursday evening (10/27) vigils for Scott Olson, around the country: […]

You are needed in Oakland: Please attend, or send cards and letters

If you live anywhere near Oakland, California, or have friends of relatives who do, please tell them that they need to take action today. Their democracy has been threatened. American democracy has been threatened due to their police and their government. ___________________________ Whatever happens, each day, Occupy Oakland will reconvene at 6pm at 14th and […]

Midnight EST deadline in Baltimore (and still stuff happening in Oakland)

Current events with some of the occupations: The police had given Occupy Baltimore a deadline of midnight to leave park. There are at least 100 people at Baltimore encampment. So, things could get interesting. In Oakland: About 350 demonstrators in morning, police arrested dozens. Evening, 700 demonstrators or more gathered. Police tear gassed. Soem dispersed, […]

Oakland: Live Video…lots of action

Update: As of early Wednesday morning, still dozens of folks on the street, demanding justice, in Oakland. Please go there and support or call the police and elected officials! Please help! ___________________________ Whatever happens, each day, Occupy Oakland will reconvene at 6pm at 14th and Broadway Every day! ___________________________ [Tuesday] morning, there were about 350 […]

Riot police decimate Occupy Oakland with tear gas, rubber bullets, etc.

Occupy Oakland had set up their encampment on the lawn near City Hall. This morning, riot police came and dispersed the peaceful protesters. There were many arrests and injuries. You can call the Oakland Police and complain and/or ask them to be compassionate to arrestees at: (510) 777-3333. Occupy Oakland asks you to contact the […]