Bad bras…good bras

KW: Some items from Victoria’s Secret seem to be making women sick. See better places to buy bras below. Buying an organic cotton bra, and bras that do not push and pinch as much can be good for your health. Hope that the Victoria’s Secret incident opens peoples’ minds to the fact that shoppers should […]

Save a Union, Fair Trade clothing retailer

No Sweat Fair-Trade Sneakers on Sale

From Ian: No Sweat is having a very cool winter clearance. So instead of getting the black hi-tops I wanted I got the Red MoJo hi-tops for only $15

The coolest t-shirt

Organic Bethlehem Unisex Green Menorah Tee It’s organic cotton. It’s anti-global warming. It’s produced by the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU). And the concept from the Shalom Center is brilliant: “The Green Menorah is the symbol of a covenant among Jewish communities and congregations to renew the miracle of Hanukkah in our own […]