Two lives to reflect on…unjust deaths

I had remembered hearing about the death of a young man in an institution in Staten Island this month. I had put aside the story to blog about it when I felt I had the emotional energy to do it justice. Then, I forgot about it. Yesterday, I went to a statewide meeting about autism […]

Two articles on spanking: Spanking lowers IQ; Research from Sweden

KW: Our readers had a vibrant conversation about spanking when I posted an article about spanking being permitted at schools in Missouri. That post, with 23 comments, is: here. (excerpt from) Emax Health Spanking Can Lower Children’s Intelligence by Denise Reynolds RD / Sep 25, 2009 Two new studies suggest that children who are spanked […]

Some Huffington Post humor: Alternative Punishments for Al-Zeidi

A Huffington Post writer has come up with some alternative punishments for Muntadhar Al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who shouted words against war as he threw his shoes at then President Bush. Evidently, writer Warren Holstein and I agree that there were worse things Al-Zeidi could have done. I can’t even post the whole story. Some […]

Making spanking worse: Spanking of children in Missouri Schools

Update – More research on spanking is: here. Evidently, in Missouri, teachers are still allowed to spank children in school. I think that is appalling. And, it makes me think that some activists should probably focus on making sure no schools in any state are allowed to use corporal punishment on children. It is outrageous […]