Some Huffington Post humor: Alternative Punishments for Al-Zeidi

A Huffington Post writer has come up with some alternative punishments for Muntadhar Al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who shouted words against war as he threw his shoes at then President Bush. Evidently, writer Warren Holstein and I agree that there were worse things Al-Zeidi could have done. I can’t even post the whole story. Some […]

“Crowds erupted” to sentencing of Al-Zeidi

KW: This morning, Iraqi journalist and eloquent shoe-thrower Muntadhar Al-Zeidi was sentenced to 3 years in prison. A stray headline on the Yahoo News page says, “Crowds erupt in anger over the fate of the reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush last year.” Though, when you click that is not the headline. And, […]

The Eloquent Shoe Thrower, Al-Zeidi, receives sentence of 3 years

KW: I am not pleased with the outcome of this. I consider war correspondent Muntadhar Al-Zeidi to be a political prisoner. I will keep wilderside readers posted about worthwhile responses or demonstrations based on the new verdict of 3 years. (excerpt from) Daily Mail UK online Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at Bush is jailed […]