1,000 guitars: A May Day/Occupy Guitarmy

Update: A quick video of some Guitarmy folks. (Will put more videos in the bottom of this post) As of 4:51pm EST on May Day, you can watch the stage at Union Square at OccupyMusician: here.  We cannot get any numbers estimates. If you have any facts, please post in the comments. (If you don’t […]

Videos: Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine) performs at Occupy Wall Street

Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine fame) performed at Occupy Wall Street in Liberty Park today, Thursday, October 13th. Morello told the demonstrators, “My friends call me The Nightwatchman. You can call me The Nightwatchman.” This happened less than two hours ago, and the Youtube views on some […]

In AZ: More than 10,000 protest harsh immigration policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

KW: The Huffington Post article did not seem as kind to the protesters’ side as one would hope. Some mainstream articles led with a byline that there 10,000 protesters. The Huffington Post led with a byline that there was some violence. Though, I will say that the Huffington Post explained the situation the most carefully. […]