Videos: Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine) performs at Occupy Wall Street

Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine fame) performed at Occupy Wall Street in Liberty Park today, Thursday, October 13th. Morello told the demonstrators, “My friends call me The Nightwatchman. You can call me The Nightwatchman.” This happened less than two hours ago, and the Youtube views on some […]

“Peace Song of the Day” and a new statue for Wall Street

As some of you know, Ian and Kimberly have alter egos, and a new website, trying to channel activist energy towards good energy and good shopping. The website is Peace Couple, and it often features posts by Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace. For every day of the year, there […]

Pete Seeger speaks out against hydrofracking

Found this interesting. At the official NY State Senate site, there is video of Pete Seeger speaking out against hydrofracking and singing “This Land is Your Land”. And, there is another video of Pete Seeger singing a specific song against hydrofracking (not sure if it is at a rally or at the legislature?). Both videos […]

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